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I was just re-reading yesterday's paper (yes, it's an exciting life I lead), when a short article caught my eye.

It seems that the Icelandic Penis Museum (yes really), are in need of a bit of help.

From what I could gather they have examples of most mammalian penii, but for some reason they don't have a human one.

So if anyone out there is feeling charitable and perhaps have one that they don't want anymore, they now know where to send it.

I had a look for the article online, but I'm buggered if I can find it.

It was in Wednesday's Ekstra Bladet, if I can find the time in my busy schedule I'll translate it and post it here later.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum is probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammal found in a single country.
If they don't get one, they'll have to change the wording of this into to their website or suffer the wrath of the Icelandic Trades Description Act.

I'd offer mine, but I've never been found in Iceland.
I offered them one but they declined on the account it was too big.
Devil_Dog said:
I offered them one but they declined on the account it was too big.
You should have offered your own. ;)
CAn they show a picture of the lady who'll be receiving it before I decide whether to 'donate'. Or just loan temporarily.
That's odd. A few year's ago Napoleon's penis went up for auction and no-one bought it. You would have thought this would have been a round peg, in a round hole.
Ekstra Bladet said:
The World's only penis museum is located in Iceland, and it has 195 interesting penii from different mammals in it's collection.

The curator, Sigurdur Hjartarson opened the museum in 1974, and it's visitors can enjoy looking at the appendages of horses, hamsters,and whales amongst others. Something is still required to complete the collection though - a human penis.

Hjartarson appeals now to men from near and far, to donate their 'little friend' to the mueum.
It could be you!

Contact Legs...

Hat, coat, TAXI!


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Is mine not there then? I was sure it was a museum piece already, what with the dust etc. And I don't have pubic hair, just cobwebs.

Of course, it might be hard to see, being so small.

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