Donkey and Thoroughbred Horse

A jockey was out on the gallops and decided to take his highly valuable mount ontpo the moors - where he got hopelessly lost. The mist came down and darkness fell - he began to panic,

4 hours later - freezing cold, horse very jittery, he sees a light and heads for it - thank God - a farmhouse.

He knocks on the door and explains that he is in deep trouble and can he please stay the night etc etc

The farmer says no problem, but he only has one stable and in it is a female donkey, on heat - but it's OK - he can tie an old oily sheet over it - old trick - works all the time.

So they go for it - in the early hours there is this almighty racket coming from the stable - naying and whinnying - banging and crashing.

Farmer and jockey leg it down to the stable - no donkey! Horse stood there quivering and sweating.

They leg it up the farm track and see the milkman coming down it in his float.

"Hey" shoted the farmer "Have you seen a donkey with a white sheet over it?"

"No!" said the milkman "But I saw one with a hanky sticking out of its arrse!"

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