Done over for the 4th Time !!!

My cousin is currently serving and moved to her present camp last year. Since there she has had her room done over 4 times. She has reported it to the MPs' who shrug their shoulders and give her a incident number. Understandably she is now a bit Pi**ed off to say the least. She is going to speak to the Padre and is contemplating leaving. She cannot bear the thought of being done over almost on a monthly basis.

Is it now normal for no one to be concerned about what used to be a serious matter ?


That's crap! I had some kit stolen from me from me once, never got it back. The RMPs weren't overly fussed either.

I contemplated going to the civvy Police, but unsure if they'd be much better.

How are they getting into her room?
They forced the door open - happens every time she is on guard - so obviously she is not looking forward to doing guard

Even if the RMP aren't that fussed it should be something the CoC are interested in.

Has she got a friend who can spend the night in her room, whilst she is on guard?

Pref one of the lads that can push start an AS 90 on hsi own and has an irrational aggression problem :twisted:
I have passed this on to someone, for info. I really do not think this is the best place to raise such an issue, naming the unit and in effect identifying the individual. The soldier's idea of speaking to the Padre is a good one, and there are several other avenues open to the soldier both within the chain of command, and outside it.

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