Done my time but no pension

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Ned4877, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys this is a copy of a similar thread that I placed in the RHQ forum earlier today I haven't had any responses so I thought I'd try the "backbone" to see if there is any advise.

    I'm new to this so please have patience with me.

    I've just finished what I believed was 22 years in the Infantry only to have JPA phone me and tell me yestreday afternoon that "You're one day short of qualifying for a pension." I was told that the matter is being looked at by a "Major in Worthy Down" who is emailing Kentigern House to try and resolve the matter. JPA's hands are tied and there is "nothing we can do". They can't give me contact details for the "Major in Worthy Down" neither can they tell me what date I should have finished or indeed what dates they have for my start and end of service. The ironic thing is that they also say that I was paid for four extra days beyond my run out date and they will be writing to me to ask me to to return that money, I can't confirm these extra days as I have not received a pay statement detailing this payment.

    I'm at a loss as to how this happened I did have broken service but my pension qualfying date was amended to be 27 May 1985 until the 26 may 2007 this information was recieved from JPA by my regimental clerks and thus my leaving dates were arranged as a result of this. I have spoken to these clerks and they say they wil look at the matter on Monday so it looks like a worrying weekend for myself and the family. Just to clarify the "Reckonable Service Date" on my pay statements is 27 May 1985. Does anyone have any advise or has anyone heard of a similar incident.
  2. Give it a couple of days for channels to react, then start with your MP. Worst that could happen is spending a morning somewhere drawing kit, then the afternoon handing it back. :)

    NB No REMF will be at fault.
  3. Not what you need or expect after serving your country for this long. Your RAO should hang his head in shame and hopefully you will get this sorted and apology rapidly next week. Keep us informed how it goes and hopefully when all the pay Guru's get back from copious ammounts of alcohol abuse they will help you out.
    Just wondered how did your resettlement and gardening leave go? Surely you handed your kit in before the said date and was just pottering around so the extra day shouldnt make a difference and just a paper fcuk up.
  4. Speak to your old chain of command but start it at the highest level you can get away with - the RSM as a minimum should be a start (RCMO if you have/had one). They can get the answers to your questions direct from APC. Remember that different departments in Glasgow have very little contact with each other but they should know the correct people to speak to.

    Failing that speak to APC yourself. Thay are not all the t*ssers that people think they are and will be willing to help.
  5. Something like this happened to a lad in my unit just before jpa came in
    his reckonable service date was 22years from when he signed his life over to the army, however he did not start training until a couple of weeks after so it ment he was short of his pension by 2 weeks. luckily for him this was seen while they had time to do something about it.

    I am not saying this is what has happened to you but it could be a possibility.

    Good luck and i hope you get sorted with out to much off a fight.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys I've taken your advise and spoke to the RCMO who will start things moving from his end on Monday. If I get no luck via him then I'll spk to the CO. We'll see and I will post updates.

    As for my resettlement the bizarre thing is I was long gone from the unit before my discharge date on courses, work experience etc. Just popped in for final med and to check that the clk's had begun to process paperwork. Which they had. Based on dates supplied by JPA (incompetent clowns) and not me.

    I'm relatively confident that I'm on good grounds legally as I've always understood that I had a 22 yr contract with the army and they have just discarged me a day early (if that is the case). I didn't sign off as such just left on the date they told me that my time run out. Having said that at 2am in the morning the doubts creep in.

    I suppose as much as anything else its a warning to all do not trust JPA, clks etc (afeter 22 yrs you would think that I'd know better but when the dates read right you accept them) if you have broken servce history, spent time in the slammer then check and check again I'm lucky I was relatively senior and when i kick up a fuss people listen (even now i'm out) others might not have that advantage .


    Anyone know how I can spk to APC or Glasgow myself I cant get phone no's from anyone at the mo except JPA and I have difficulty not going off on one with them.
  7. Dont mean to steal the lads thunder, anyone know the score on rejoiners pensions?

    I did 6 years and got out 18 months ago and am trying to re-join. I just wondered if my 22 years will resume again, so when I have completed my time I can still qualify for a full pension.

    The ACIO just said it needs to be discussed when I eventually get to rejoin, but would like to know before hand.
  8. I think that when you phone the JPAC helpline and speak to someone in their discharge section, they are exactly the same people who used to work in the APC Glasgow discharge wing, just with a different job title. I have always found them helpful and full of useful advice. Try phoning the JPAC Helpline and speaking to one of the girls in their discharge section. Try not to loose it with them, remain polite and you will be amazed at how helpful they can be. Good Luck
  9. I joined as a Junior Leader so my adult service did not start until my eighteenth birthday. My discharge date from the army is the day before my fortieth birthday, therefore, I will have served a day short of 22 years. I reckon that your length of service is only meant to be 21 years and 364 days so you have nothing to worry about. Good luck anyway.
  10. That is a total disgrace,i feel so sorry for how you have been treated.
    Good luck,sorry i cant help.
  11. Ned,

    Whilst it is still early days I think this is a total disgrace. The system should now work itself into a froth to sort this out.
  12. I concur, my original engagement would have left me 1 day short of 22 years, and never been in the brown stuff to confuse the issue. I really wouldn't worry too much about this (easy to say I know) because there is provision under all 3 services terms and conditions for you to leave up to 91 days earlier than your 22 years with no loss of pension, a day is hardly a problem. I suspect its just the prats at JPA being "bureaucratic"
  13. I am absolutely astonished that your reckonable service from age 18 or date of enlistment whichever is the later should have been miscalculated by a single day. It seems to me that someone has been counting on his fingers!

    I am equally amazed that no-one had been jailed for it!

    You can say what you like about the old system of the Regimental Part 2 Order Clerk with an SO book, pocket calculator diary, and olivetti typewriter manually calculating the man's service, entitlement and SOS date - it bloody well worked and worked well.

    A smaller Army the fraction of the size it was in the 1980s, a completely reorganised system of administration and computerised networks and this sort of thing happens!

    If there is one thing that is absolutely taboo and that is to bugger a man about on his discharge because when he sits in the pub months later talking to youngsters about the Army you can guarantee that it is his final few weeks being arrsed around at a most vulnerable stage of his life that he remembers rather than the good times he had in Cyprus, Kenya and elsewhere!