Done my barb today

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ironeye, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Evening folks
    I'm extremely happy, I have chosen the Royal Anglians as my barb score was 58 (not great i no) but I'm well happy. Going to see them in action for a day on the 19th of March.
    The barb was fun, the ones I got wrong I realised straight after I pressed the screen :x never mind i got what i wanted :D

    I'm currently waiting for the doctors to fill in my medical forms and send them back then I have an interview and finally selection. Any idea how long until selection?

  2. Same score as me well done 8)

    and if your process goes anything like mines did.

    prepare for a long, long wait.
  3. After I did my barb it was about 3 months before I got to ADSC.
  4. I only got 55. lol.
  5. it was 12 DAYS after my BARB until i went to selection, got deferred though.

    Edit to add: Cancel that, it was 12 days after my interview i went for selection
  6. How come? You appealing?
  7. I refer you to my previous post, i edited it saying it was 12 days after my interview. i wholeheartidly (sp.) apologise.
  8. this will all depend on how quickly your GP will send your completed medical forms off and processed soon as that is done your ok just keep up to date with your recruiter about the forms some GP'S can be pain in the arse.