Done before-no doubt- but I can't be arrsed looking for the threads...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigjimdangley, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Evening shitbags,
    What's the score on wearing past serving Dangley medals on Remembrance Sundays?
    I've got me Grandad's (both sides of the family) and my Great Uncles gongs. Africa Star, Italy Star, 39/45 Medal, Peace Medal, France Medal etc...
    If I get them all mounted-can I wear 'em all on the right side of my Twos? Whats the rules? Is it walty or what?
    Oh, and by the way, do you reckon the birds on Strictly Come Dancing would look better if they had untamed muffs under their leotards?
    I do!
    I have to put up with the shit so I can have the lappy!

    Anyway, fuck you all and answer my question.
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  2. Wear the lot! You can go back at least six generations, on both sides of your family. And borrow some from your mates too. Or buy a few to make up the numbers.

    You can never have too many.

    Alternatively (and ESPECIALLY if in uniform) just stick to your own. Or don't you have any yet?
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  3. Ha ha, seethe with envy, Mr Barry No Gongs! Cunty cuntish cuntoonery!
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  4. You can even stitch your swimming tapes on and wear your cycling proficiency badge or even any scout/cub badges you got :thumright:
  5. Six generations you say.......Gen? I'm not going for the Russian Commissar look. But, hey, why the fuck not? I've got the muthafukin tin.
    Mine will go on the other side of my lapel-obviousley. On the left. I'm considering getting rid of the minor ones.
    I doubt FAD could take the weight.
    Fuckles. X
  6. No, no, you've got this all wrong. Wearing them on the right is a bit of a civvy thing to do, and you might well get mistaken for a Walt. Go large: wear them all on the left, in big dangley rows. Don't hold back. Just make sure you show it all to your nice RSM first. He can let you know if they're all in the right order, so you don't commit a fashion faux pas and upset any veterans.
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  7. That's you that is, Walter F. Ripyatweedzoff.
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  8. RSM's? I shit 'em!
    All the Big Jim bling lineage gongs might ruin the cut and line of my brand new, swapped my ginger fighting suit for FAD togs. Can I get away with non court mounted, right hand sided bling or what?
    As VG put, what about medals earned, oh, I dunno... shooting down Paras trying to take Crete?
    Wooly minges wot stink 'o piss are ace. Especially when stuffed into a Strictly Come Dancing Leotard I reckon.
    You lot are Tory fuckers- Think of Edwinas sweaty, hairy clam!
    Hell Yeah!
  9. Make your own gongs. Milk bottle tops work well as does anything metalic and shiny.

    Shaved snatch only please. Don't like fucking a welcome mat...
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  10. Fucking cup holders in cars nowadays, every one's got one. Me, I'm one for the 70/80's look. *looks faraway with nostalgia*
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  11. This lot all have a medal/been meddled with.

  12. Cool. I'm going wear my grandad Karls SS Obergrumpenfuhrers uniform this year then, with all his medals.
    I'm sure all the looks I get, will be of envy as I goose step down the street in his best black Hugo Boss Jew hunting outfit.
    And to honour my late grandmother Hannah, I'll even carry the lamp shade made out of her skin.
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  13. And don't forget the soap they made from granny too.
  14. I used that up washing the kids. They're closer to my gran than I ever was.
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  15. I have one of these for my blazer this year. I'm very tempted with a Cycling Proficiency badge as well. I might even kick the arrse out of it and add my old Prefect badge to boot. Unfortunately, I have no swimming or sports medals because I was shit at everything.