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Regarding saving Pte Ryan and the final battle scene. My mate and I were unsure whether the stunt with the 60mm mortar bombs would work as in banging the primer cap before lobbing or would they be armed by removing a safety pin. I cant remember much about the old 2" let alone anyone else's!
Just a queery to answer!
Maybe Bravo Bravo can tell you - he has the mortar bug up his arrse at the mo

From my scant knowledge the bomb need to land exactly on its nose to explode requiring a high trajectory - something they wouldn't have had in SPR
The more modern DA162 fuse (81mm) need a jolt so that it became armed (after safety pin had been removed). Maybe this was the same
I haven't got a 2" here to have a look at, and I don't remember the scene in Private Ryan...

but as polar says... fuses need to be armed... the 2" had a screw cap protector on the nose, which was one safety mechanism, but inside there will have been a mechanism for arming it after a "jolt". The jolt has to be huge and is called setback, and the arming mechanism involves springs, balls or shear pins. The idea is that the projectile doesn't become armed until it leaves the barrel.

(on tank and artillery shells, spin can also be used to trigger the arming mechanism)

So the answer is... it wouldn't work... but I'm interested now, so I'll try to find a cross section drawing of the fuse.

(Ah... and I've just noticed... one minute you're talking 2" and the next 60mm... which one?)
CutLunchCommando said:
BaldricksBullet said:
I haven't got a 2" here to have a look at, and I don't remember the scene in Private Ryan...
I believe I do. Its part of the sequence that includes the guy blown up by the stickybomb.
Yeah Matt Daaaman smacks the mortar round against the rubble, handily passes it off to Tom Hanks, who lobs it down range, with a nice over arm action.
CutLunchCommando said:
Theres actually quite a bit of expositionary dialogue to explain what they're doing and why ISTR (tried to google it up but can't find it). Rounds but no tube so the smack them tail end first on a metal plate on the side of the foxhole/shellhole they are in. Thus armed Millar lobs them at a high angle as described by Howayman.

Still dont know if it would work though.
That's it. I've got the DVD so I'll cut the scene & post it on here tomorrow.

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