Doncaster Lawyers who ripped off the miners struck off.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Good.

    BBC Webpage: Source.


    "entrepreneur" - legal phrase for highwayman per chance?
  2. There IS a god!!
  3. Scum,but it looks like they`ve made more than enough to retire on,unless this money can be recovered.
  4. Lawyers !
    what does one say on a much despised breed who profit so much from others suffering by have the gob to get the cash.
    Jon' s Old Dad had been dead and gone for ten years and Poor Jon got a payment as a miners dependent.
  5. Two bent lawyers, making there fortunes off the backs of the ill. They are proberly not the only ones doing it ! ******* like these should not only be struck off, but given a good kick in, and then be sent to pokey for 10 years, there componys heavely fined, and the moneys given back to the miners. Hows that for justice ! -------Bring back judge jeffries !
  6. Obscene... suggest a visit to a mine, for a year or four
  7. There are some 47 legal businesses under investigation on this topic, three of whom made £100 million it's alledged, between them.

    In one instance, it's alledged, that Beresford's company acting on behalf of a widow earned a fee of £2,700 while she got £260. They alledgedly charged her a further fee of £64 which was taken from her paltry award and added to their fee.

    I wonder if they'll ever release the details of the fee bun fest that was called 'The Bloody Sunday Enquiry' I seem to recall some celebratory drinking sessions in Plimlico bars not that long ago.
  8. I knew the solicitors were charging high fees but I hadn't realised they had already been paid for their work by the Government. I agree, they should be made to pay back every penny to the miners with interest, if they have to sell up to pay up then so be it.
  9. Why no criminal charges though ?? They still have all that money
  10. Because they are all in it together. Thieving scum. I notice the lack of comments by the usual Arrse self proclaimed legal "experts"

    Ashamed of their profession perhaps?
  11. Simple... bankrupt them, sell all their possessions then award the stolen monies back to the miners and their families. If theres anything left deduct a 'fee' for them being total cnuts.
  12. The Serious Fraud Office and South Yorkshire Police are after this pair of cnuts.

    Personally, any sentence given them will fall well short of the mild setting about them with a blow-torch and ball hammer they deserve!
  13. Penal servitude is the answer to the like of these thieves.
    A few years toil with a pick and shovel down a nice deep mine would be a fitting punishment, after all the money has been paid to those who deserve it of course.
  14. All I am going to say is.....Doncaster.....more corruption scandals than a 3rd World country.....
  15. That's because it belongs in the 3rd world alongwith that sh*tehole Rotherham.