For Chancellor Fluffy to keep us up to date on where money is needed, targets and shortfalls.
So far the costs seem to be:

£ 360 (includes VAT) for 5,000

A2 Posters
£ tbc, about a dozen, maybe some at A3 for house windows

£ tbc , may well be virtually free. I'll ask Airborne Aircrew how much the domain name cost him

Any spare cash to SSAFA in my view. My plan is to pay for the leaflets and posters, then see how much I can claw back from everyone else as we go.
From the main thread:

Donations towards leaflets & posters can now be accepted by PayPal to

lordfluffyofbunny @

Put "SSAFA" in the message line so I know what it's about.

I'll PM all those who have offered funds so far in case they miss this.

if you don't have PayPal and still want to donate, please let me know and we'll figure something out.

If we have any spare afterwards, I'll pass it on to SSAFA if that's OK with you all.

Once I get some cash in, I'll set up a linky showing how much has been raised and how much we still need.

Kind regards

Of course Moody. A few options spring to mind .....

Those apart, we might get there anyway.

We are up to £ 240 and I owe it another £ 40 so once we have, say £ 450 in place, I'll stop it.

£ 360 for the leaflets, £ 20 for the domain name and £ 70 for the A2 posters should do the trick. I'll then suggest those who didn't have PayPal just pop a cheque off to SSAFA direct if they wish.

However, until we get the £ 450 in place, I'll hold fire on that suggestion.

How is Mr Pun VC getting to the meeting BTW? Do we need some cash to pay his travel or whatever?
We currently have about £ 600 in the pot.

We need £ 360 for the leaflets, maybe another £ 70 for posters.

Spunky - do we owe AA anything for the domain name?

Should leave us about £ 150 for any other bright ideas. Or we can re-open bidding as we have pledges for another £ 150 or so if we take cheques and the like.
Fluffs I'd keep donations going, that way we can offer to pay some expenses of people involved too. Of course, most will say "Give it to SSAFA" , but for those not so well off, it would probably be welcome, and encourage them to get involved again in future?
There is an option to get the poster that you guys have been working on, printed to the size of a bus stop poster and cycled round the town.
Up close they have huge impact, and coupled with us and RBL leafleting, i think it would work very well.

If we send artwork then they need copy by 10am tomorrow.

Cost is £355 (gross) for media & £200 (net) for production. (I am trying to knock him down on that prod rate though....already knocked him down on the media.

I know the others are getting excited by the plane ads....but in my experience they are shite and lack OTS. you cant escape a blody great poster getting wheeled past on a bike....see pic

Best let the bike lad know soonest - it's a long ride from Newcastle! :)

I agree on the skywriting/towed banner idea. Great for an airshow or similar event where people are looking skywards or expecting something; not so good for targeting people bimbling around a small town centre in the rain.

Are the prices you quoted just for producing the bike posters, or will that also get us some cycling time, and if so how long?
Thats for the full 8 hour day on Sat.

Basically we send the artwork, they produce the posters and fit to the bike.

The driver is included in the media cost, and he will also give out some of our leaflets free of charge.

It's all included, we just need to pay and send artwork.
By the way....I may have got you a professional photographer to come down on no cost!

Will update you when I have suitably batted my eyelashes enough to confirm.
Tghe Aircraft idea is a non-starter . Apart from the fact there is so much light aircraft traffic round there, the wouldn't bother looking up.

I do like the cyclo-poster , he obviously hasn't looked at the contour lines in Ashead :D

Knock him down and stitch him up before he does
Not sure if he will budge on the production rate.

I would need confirmation on;

1) Can we afford it?
2) Can we send copy in time? (i have got artwork spec sheet for whoever needs it)
3) Are we all agreed on its value to our campaign?
Moodybitch said:
Not sure if he will budge on the production rate.

I would need confirmation on;

1) Can we afford it?
2) Can we send copy in time? (i have got artwork spec sheet for whoever needs it)
3) Are we all agreed on its value to our campaign?
I definitely think it would add value because it's a talking point in itself.

Ref affording, as I said, we have lots of people still willing to donate and I've not put anything in the pot yet so I'd happily throw in a few beer tokens.

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