Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Minxy, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. As you will know the island is a very expensive thing to run on a monthly basis and at the moment it isnt generating any income of its own.

    Therefore, a donations box will appear on the Island shortly. Please use it, give what you can, when you can as often as possible. If every member on SL paid around £3 a month the island would pay for itself pretty much.

    It is appreciated that people do give up valuable time to build and contribute to the Island as a whole and on behalf of the Bosses/OCs/RSMs and ARRSE members who use the Island, thank you!................

    Oh ballix to that *stabs at eyes* what I meant there was...

    Ta for your help, your all grrrrrreat *rolleyes* but could you kindly stop being scottish and donate money *grin* Dont make me turn this into another blue on blue incident *whispers* orbit rounds, orrrrrrbit rounds.
  2. MOD Edit - post edited, pm sent.
  3. Fair point minxy.
    I will donate as soon as I have sold enough scrap metal and tarmacced a few drives :D

    MOD Edit - Take it to PM please suits.
  4. Rank, and the lack of it.

    I had promised to change the grouping to include 'some' ranks other than the current selection. I have done this, BUT to get it you have to donate.

    Consider it similar to the medal blocks on ARRSE :D

    The ONLY way to get a Rank is to donate.

    LCpl 1000L
    Cpl 2000L
    Sgt 3000L
    SSgt 4000L

    :D Should you wish to donate to get a Rank, please pay the money to me, that way I know who to change within the Group.

    Again ALL money goes towards the Island.
  5. Only way i'll get my Staffy I supose !

    Now where did i leave my wallet :cyclopsani:
  6. Couple of questions:

    Are the donation boxes out?

    Is a record kept or do you have to donate these sums in a oner?
  7. Donation boxes are out, I should specify the above amounts are a one off payment. SAVE FOR IT!!
  8. You are aware there is lap dance club and gadget shops on there!!
  9. There are, really?