Donations required (Help For Heroes)

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Machristo, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,

    I'd just like to direct your attention to Kez Dunkley, a veteran of 16 years service, who will be running the Leicester marathon on October 11th in support of Help For Heroes. The twist? He'll be doing it with a washing machine(5st 7lb) on his back. Last year he did it with a bag of cement on his back and, in his own words, "wanted more of a challenge this year".

    If you live in Leicester you may have seen him in training in recent months in the Blaby/Whetstone/Narborough areas. If you do see him, please do offer this nutter your full support.

    If you'd like to offer more than support, he has set up a page at Just Giving (Kez) where you can be generous in your donations.

    A total of £255 has been raised at the time of posting

    This is his story in own words...

    A (very) short video of him training can be found on YouTube

    A few pics of Kez in training



  2. Come on you tight bastards! Cough up the readies!
  3. I hope you have better luck than me Machristo,I'm doing the P company challenge in September and haven't got a single sponsor from here!!.Good luck to your mate.
  4. Tight feckers, the lot of em, on here. There's even been donations come in from Rear Party! :p

    Come on guys, put your hands in your pockets, it's all for a good cause!

    Good luck with your challenge, Rhodesian =D
  5. Thats as may be bb67, but I'm still gonna bump this until I'm satisfied ARRSE has done it's bit....
  6. I'd like to know why you think those of us on ARRSE should support your endeavour even though it is very worthy. There are 100s of such requests like yours every year. Nowadays I seldom bother with individual efforts even though a lot a quite outstanding and just give direct to the forces charities of preference.

    Good luck to him. I hope it goes well - that's one heck of a load.
  7. It's called 'Targeted Marketing' mate. Identify those most likely to be sympathetic to your cause and go for 'em =)

    Come on guys, even a couple of quid makes all Kez's efforts worth it...
  8. Its bloody hard enough doing a normal marathon, this this guy deserves a few quid.
    Mrs RP and I are doing the Anglesey Marathon later this year, she's doing it for HFH though neither of us wil carry anything. Nutter!