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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Any donations to the keeping outstanding , outstanding fund will be accepted here. Payments can be made in any form and through as many other parties as you wish. Please provide viable currency only. New, sequentially numbered notes marked with red or blue stains may not be accepted.

    Any other funds should be sent to Jock Broon, 10 Downing st, London
  2. Here you go then Outstanding.

    I'll donate the princely sum of 44,271 ZWD.

    Worth 71 of your British pence.


    70 ... 69......68......
  3. Thnk you Steven you can now be called Sir Steven. But lets keep it between us eh!?
  4. Well I have to say I never expected that (which makes it all nice and legal of course).
  5. I pledge the princely sum of LE 1000. Can I now be Baron TMW of Sennybridge?

    Note: Sierra Leonean currency is only valid within the borders of Sierra Leone, and is more useful as auxiliary toilet paper elsewhere
  6. Obviously my donation will be split into packets of LE 100, and paid via the accounts that my guinea pig and cat have recently set up. So, when you see those cheques rolling in from Tibbles and Spiderman, I'll start looking out for the honours list shall I?
  7. Thank you, you Count (spelling!) I appreciate your generosity plaese accept this title.
  8. Top tip! use them on the underground (cheapest ticket option) or the change machines in arcades.