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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kyle6327, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. this might sound like a dumb question but are there any rules against donating blood in the army. iv got rare blood so thought i might as well share the love
  2. I am not aware of any military restrctions on donating blood.

    The only problem I have encountered are some of the screening processes that the NHS carry out. The screening is necessary to ensure that the recipients do not receive blood that could be contaminated.

    The nature of the job means that troops quite often travel to 'at risk' areas where they could have contracted blood borne diseases such as malaria, viruses or the like. If you have visited certain countries within the past year, there is a chance that you might be asked to defer your donation.

    More info is available from:

  3. cheers mate. been findin it hard to get guidence on it due to my lack of tryin to find said guidence
  4. I couldn't give blood because I had a tattoo in the last year as well. The NHS screening is quite specific as said.
  5. Do they still take 12.5 heamaglobin as the cut off? 14.5-18 is normal for a bloke. They will whip it out of you below that. I know we should all give, but it would be nice if the NHS got a grip with blood banking before operations, blood scavenging during operations, and blood spinning at donation sites - to give you back the red cells.

    If you were about to do some hard phys and a lot depended on it you might want to do the donating after, rather than before.
  6. It all comes down to tired muscles when inserting the needle. If you have large veins then the nurse cant fail to insert, however if you have been exercising and the muscles surrounding the vein prevent then you have to wait for a fresh appointment to donated.

    All their strict rules stemm from the fact, that they need clean untainted blood, as a donor your blood is not used until the lab says it is clean.

    They always need fresh donors while platelets is always in demand for operations.
  7. I was thinking more of the 20 seconds (or whatever) that a pint would cost you on a PFT. If you are 12.5 iron donating will take you down to 11 and a bit, and that will have an effect.
  8. im not too worried about the affect on my p.t since im fairly fit anyway ive got no big test comin up.

    i dunno bout platlet and all th bio stuff. all i know is i have type o neg blood and there was an add on the radio sayin they were cryin out for it.apparently its rare. my missis is crappin herself now for when i go afghan in case they dont have blood to stick in me in case the worst happens
  9. Dont the Army blood transfusion service still exist,sure they used to visit us at least twice a year.
  10. O Neg? I suspect they mean in heavy demand rather than rare. Your blood can be put into peeps with other blood types without danger. Consequently peeps in urgent need of blood get O Neg first then their own type later once a match has been confirmed. She can rest easy on that one and move on to all the other things to fret about.
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    A number of barracks have regular donner sessions, I donated a number of times at Inphal Bks (used it to get out of PT, didn't work). As long as you can donate within the rules that eveyone has to follow there is nothing specifically to exclude the forces.

    It doesn't affect your PT, any blood is wanted, as said espec 0 neg/pos as it can be used the most.