Donald Trump : Is he serious or playing it for laughs ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by velcrostripes, Jul 21, 2015.

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  1. Donald Trump's presidential campaign has so far been marked by a personal attack on Sen . John Mc Cain and several references to Mexicans as rapists , yet the polls suggest voters love it and he has a considerable lead over his Republican rivals .

    Is he just taking the mick , or is he serious ?
    This guy will re-start the Cold war ( and every other war ) every time he opens his mouth .
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  2. I suspect (hope?) that the polls were taken in strongly-Democrat areas.
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  3. The amazing thing is that he got away with slagging McCain because he got captured in Vietnam and therefore wasn't a "war hero" in his opinion. I was under the impression that the Republican rump support are generally very supportive of their Armed Forces, yet this bewigged chump apparently gets cheered for disrespecting McCain's impressive service record.

    Is this the Homer Simpson effect... act like a dumbass and everyone thinks you're great?
    Or have Republicans been so far skewed away from reality by the Tea Party et al, that this is a judged a reasonable position for a Presidential hopeful?
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  4. Having seen his "diplomacy" here in the NE of Scotland regarding golf courses and windfarms, the man is a c@nt of the highest magnitude.

    He will say what he wants, when he wants, and he does not care who he offends or treads on because he has the money to get his own way.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly I think he's mad enough to be serious and, given his extensive wealth, when was the last time anyone told him to STFU in such a way that he had to listen?

    Trump is set to join that long list of presidential wannabes who discover the hard way that what works in business tends not to work in politics - he may even find his businesses much diminished if he maintains these sorts of vile attacks.
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  6. I particularly liked the fact he refused to release his birth certificate and passport records despite being one of the most vocal "birthers".

    I think theres enough evidence now to suggest he is a democrat mole, but its gone disastrously wrong and may become an actual reality. The parallels to the Labour leadership are astounding :p
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  7. Just another example of the American ability to confuse self-made money with political acumen.
    It usually falls over about half way through the Primaries, when their lack of education, diplomacy and sometimes sanity gets shown up, and major party donors walk away.
    He comes across as a less intelligent Ross Perot crossed with one or two of the less honest televangelists.
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  8. He will crash and burn eventually, but in the meantime he's a great asset to the Democratic party.
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  9. Hang on. Why is it a "vile" attack?

    Is everyone a war hero?
    The CIED teams, yep, the bloke in a Warrior going in twice in Iraq, yep.

    However, is everyone a war hero?
    Where do I sign up?
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  10. The only thing that Donald Trump is serious about is Donald Trump, and giving the creature the oxygen of publicity it craves is something that should be discouraged at every opportunity
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  11. Well, McCain flew multiple combat missions before being shot down so he's closer to being one than most. Certainly more so than Trump is.
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  12. Many have done the same.
    What is the mark of heroism?
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  13. Striped underpants.
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