Donald Rumsfeld's dodgy signatures

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FNUSNU, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. So whats the crack with Donald Rumsfeld getting a machine to write his signature of the 'sorry your son is dead, love the US Governmnet' letters. What a fcuking discrace. I wonder if Geoff (or whoever sends them) signs his letters?
  2. TCH probably wrote the pamphlet! :evil:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I could probably rustle up TCH's signature electronically if you ask nicely.

  4. That would look nice on an ARRSE mug: as endorsed by Geoff 'TCH' Hoon :D
  5. I know it is disrespectful, but if you think about it, how many KIA's have the USA suffered in Iraq. I would say well over 1000. :(
    Thats a lot of signatures for 1 man to make.

    And yes, i realise the irony that his signature (along with GWB) sent them to their death, therefore he SHOULD have the decency to sign them personally.

    agent smith
  6. About two a day since the war kicked off. No excuse. Rumsfeld is a cnut like Hoon.

    That said, I imagine that a hand written letter from the deceased's CO to the deceased's parents/NoK is more meaningful than one from the Secretary of State, ever.
  7. Do Yank families get a letter from the guy's CO as well as the pamphlet from Rumsfeld?
  8. Over to a Cousin for an answer to that. I'd be surprised if they didn't.
  9. Ok seadog, i see what you mean.

    he could do three or four every day when they know whos come back in the black bag. that would have shown more respect.

    Agent smith humbled :oops:

    agent smith
  10. I'm confused about what they mean by 'a machine'...

    Do they mean:
    A LaserJet printer that prints out the letters?
    An actual mechanical arm which holds a pen and simulates his signature?

    The only difference is that in the latter, they would be blatantly trying to trick people into thinking that they were hand-sogned, whereas the former may indicate that they didn't know it would offend.

    Anyone know the answer to this?
  11. What colour crayon does he use?
  12. I know that this is not too practical, but the lantern-jawed, War-mongering old c*nt should be made t visit every family personally, and explain precisely why their Son/daughter died in Iraq. :evil:
  13. Badger Lady is confused.

    With no room for doubt? Donald Rumsfeld and his staff? :roll:

    A templated letter is standard for all sorts of things these days. A genuine signature suggests the 'author' has seen it, therefore aware of the contents and approved it. A bit of a personal touch. A printer reproduced 'signature' fools nobody.

    It looks clear from what I have read that Rumsfeld is too busy and has a machine that holds his pen to do the work. The technology has been around since shortly after the wheel.
  14. Eternally! :?

    Problem is, you can never be sure if the press are taking the word "machine" just slightly out of context without anyone picking up on it.
    I do agree, he should sign all the letters, doesn't matter how many there are - take them home at the weekend and read them all.
  15. It could have been an ink pad and stamp for all the difference it makes. I am pretty sure that he could find the time to sign the letters, it's not like anyone actually expects him to write the damned things by hand!