Don McCullin BBC1 22:35 Tue 2nd July

Discussion in 'Photography' started by guzzijon, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Sorry if already posted (mods please delete if that's the case). This may be a repeat but worth a look anyway. What a wonderful photographer.
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  2. This programme is fantastic. I am awestruck. If you have missed it, you MUST watch on Iplayer.
  3. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    he deserves a few medals , probebly more than most of the folks on here if the truth be told.
  4. Watching it as we speak - I've always been drawn to his pictures. Quite a man.
  5. A great man, and a great programme. Real humanity in the face of the worst that the world can produce.
  6. Amazing bloke, great photographs and great morals, true integrity. One of the best TV shows I've seen for ages. If you missed it get on iplayer.
  7. Amazing program, the guy is a legend, some of his pictures speak a million words
  8. Must see that.
    Worth a thousand words.....

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  9. I watched the program and was hooked in the first couple of minutes. A fantastic documentary.
  10. Whats even more impressive is he did all that without lightroom, photoshop or superdooper high definition cameras. Very moving, and very good bloke.
  11. The film "McCullin" is also worth watching.
  12. Caught up on iplayer.
    Fascinating. Congo and biafran stuff was interesting.
  13. Watched it over the weekend, what a photographer, looked at his "Is Anyone Taking Any Notice?" book yesterday. Got the impression from it that there were many photographs on his contact sheets that he will never show, not because they are shit but out of respect for the people he photographed.