Don’t be outraged for Muslim women

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Interesting perspective of a muslim woman about women's rights:

  2. Thanks for sharing your Google Alerts with us again.
  3. Makes a change from the boring USMC crap I suppose.
  4. Sorry fellows-since you were not doing it I thought I would pick up the slack. I have been trying my best to indicate in the titles the material you can pass over on your way to less challenging material so that your brains don't explode with any new information.

    As I have already said elsewhere I am not participating in the apparent competition to impress anyone with the most original post or the one that will make you happiest.
  5. WTF is this bird on about 8O :? Far too esoteric for me. Read it back to yourself love, because it looks like b0ll0x.
  6. First lady of Iran revealed



    After careful photo enhancement, I have succeeded in unveiling Mrs. Ahneedajihad's face


    ok I plagiarized it.... am I waiting for the hit squad to arrive ?
  7. Watch your back....
  8. Its ok the new Arrse MOD thinks I may be ok

  9. I think your photo is of their daughter. I have it on good authority that this is the wife.

  10. DTC, love the siggy block pic
  11. No intention of being outraged, just don't want mein frau and other non-muslim's to have to follow suit.
  12. keep em coming I think your stuff is always interesting even if some of it is bonkers
  13. okey dokey


    the one with the blue eyes looks nice
  14. This girl is right on the money. Doesn't anyone on here remember ARRSE's scrape with Stonewall? Fie.

    Keep posting JJH.
  15. shouldnt that read Okey Cokey?

    Ill get me coat.......