Don’t stop when it feels good

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Thibeau19, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. ‘Don’t stop when you feel good ‘go ahead for the better. This is the same reminder for getting your teeth crowned after filling or implanting is over. Once tooth is filled your wound is dressed and it is safe for a good amount of time but not everlastingly.

    By the time you sense it your tooth would have disintegrated and come back to old position. To avoid this, treated tooth should be crowned if doctors advices so. Crown though artificial is harder substance and provides protection and resistance to wear and tear.

    Crowning is a restorative method and it is used to encase the affected tooth. It covers the teeth completely and there by forms the second layer of the tooth. This method is useful because it protect the decayed teeth from further damage .This also strengthens the affected teeth. It also improves the cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

    Tooth crown are commonly known as tooth caps or dental cap. Porcelain or metal (a combination of gold and other metals) are the material used for the preparation of the crown. It is prepared in a laboratory with the help of a dental technician using a plaster mold of your teeth.

    It is the best option for a patient who has a broken teeth or decayed teeth because it has the appearance of our natural teeth and it will not affect the cosmetic appearance of the teeth.

    So through dental crown you don’t have to worry about your smile because it will be natural.
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  4. I thought this was about condoms.
  5. Oh wow Dr RajKrishnan, my mind you did read so.

    Once a week i go to room of bath in order to cleanse my teeth (thank krishna I am blessed)

    find the colour dull I do, me wish replace dull and pungent tombstones with nice new disquoteche teeth. all vters say i boring but i not and this will prove by krishna

    you do me good deal on teeth and I make very happy dance.

    please to email new gold teeth to

    No worry bout money me sell some silly squadie guns to pay for suit me sure can get more for teeth.

    may krishna bless you

    Bob Ainsworth

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  6. Do you drink mouthwash?