Dominos Test?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by disgruntled_sapper, May 31, 2002.

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  1. Why do chefs think there above washing there own pans? After all i scored higher on the dominos test :mad:

    edit: I feel the need to explain! This account was originally not a serious account (not that it is now!), and the few posts that were made, were made collectively by a few people from various different cap-badges working at a sailing club in BFG. The few un-eloquent posts made were a reflection of some of the stuff we used to joke about (including one lad with us who was RS, and a lazy chef (the subsequent ones were actually fine helping out with pan-bashing).
  2. Are you just going to go around and slag off each corps??,cos thats all you seem to be doing at the moment.Stop moaning and find something constructive to say.....or dont bother!!!!!!!!!!! ::)
  3. Were i work i actully wash the chefs pans for her while she sits there and reads her book, she does 4 hours work a day and all the lads that work here are getting pissed off at it. i can see why shes on the higher payband (unless its for lugging that big arss of hers about)
  4. Well how come you wash pans then??,if you are a sapper then you should be out building bridges or something shouldnt you??,i cant understand why you'd be in the kitchen?,in our regt the only people who work in kitchens are the chefs!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  5. So what's your point Sapper?
  6. We also send the biffs in our Regt to go and work in the cookhouse to pan bash.  This means that they are out of the way of anything important and far less likely to cause any trouble.  Sapper if you are well behaved and not too retarded, who knows, in a few years you might get promoted to peeling spuds you useless mong.
  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Why is that.  do you have too much of an attitide problem to be working  within RDs.  Behave yourself in here DS.
  8. I took the Domino test and had to stop after 2 ham and pinapple, a spicey beef and 3 seafood pizzas. :eek:

    I didn't have to wash the boxes either ;D
  9. As a Sapper myself, I would like to say that I finding DS’s attempts at coherent argument a bit of an embarrassment. I for one think that the ARRSE Boards should be open for anyone’s comments on most subjects. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) postings can be anything from serious argument and discussion, humorous comment and fun ribbing of the other corps and regiments all the way to mindless ‘mud slinging’.

    Which ever way you choose to post, you should have first thought about your posting rather than just typing the first thing that comes into your head. You know that there are people out there that either have different opinions or know the subject better than you.

    If you post rubbish, at best you look a little foolish at worst you bring yourself and your Corps into disrepute.

    As for DS’s three ‘brilliant’ arguments?

    1.      Having worked with the Artillery before I have to comment that yes, I also met a few complete ‘Muppets’. I also met some good, switched on lads who liked a beer and a laugh. I have also met some ‘Muppets’ in the Engineers, Signals, RLC and many other Corps and Regiments.

    2.      Why have RD’s? Well you need them unless you want members of the infantry permanently attached to teach soldiering skills. Not a bad idea except they wouldn’t appreciate the specialist side to each individual Corps…. Besides we are all supposed to be soldiers first and the infantry have enough on their plate.

    3.      Why is DS doing pan bash while the chef is reading a book? Well, my main argument could be ‘all of the above’, but I’m sure that if you go through your army career with ‘serious attitude’ you will find yourself getting all the ‘good’ jobs. I’m happy that he is in a Corps that prepares you for all that life can throw at you, pan bash included.

    Finally I would hope that everyone else visiting these pages take’s Disgruntled_Sapper’s comments as the exception that proves the rule and next time you pass a sapper in a hole up to his knees in water you will look down on him, not with distain, but with appreciation at a difficult job being well done… with the rank and the pay of a sapper.
  10. I was going to post a comment asking a few of you guys to cool the mud slinging a bit, but PP has said all I would wish to, and said it better.

    Play nicely now!
  11. Perhaps we could create a new thread in the naffi bar for DS to play in??,where he could voice all his grievences??,just a thought  ;D
  12. F-C, I dont think a NAAFI bar is the best place for someone with such negativity and pent up aggression.  I suggest that all his anger will materialise in the form of frothing at the mouth, involuntary self swamping and a losing battle with a large flight of stairs.  There are not even any pans to be bashed in there as its all fast food from polystyrene wrappers these days. I think the med head's thread might be more appropriate, know any good shrinks?  

  14. Yeah. Nice one! You fecking d1ck :evil:

    Read the thread (all of it) work out how the site works i.e. all can see all and the post goes on the front page for all to see, then try not to join D_S in the w4nker stakes. Oh and avoid others' Names and Ranks like in your other post.

    Some people....................... :roll:
  15. From looking at your spelling, grammer and punctuation, I put it to you that you have found your vocation in life! - look on the bright side, there's always vacancies for pan bashers in McDonalds/BurgerKing/KFC etc!