Last night I finished work and sat flicking through the take away menus stuffed in the kitchen draw.

The frau and I opted for a Dominoes, she ordered while I went to the Off license to stock up on Wife beater and white wine.

On my return I asked if she'd ordered my usual..... No she responded, I've ordered you a 'Thin Crusty Supreme'

Imagine my surprise, when on Diana Ross Jumped off the Delivery moped. :D :D :D

Ok blatantly stolen from Peter Kay, but it still made me snigger
On the subject of Diana Ross, what is the thinest bird anyone has cracked the hips off. I think Lena Zavaroni would have been a good sh@g myself, can you imagine those boney thighs digging into you as you hear her crack like a chicken torso! All skinny and anorexia eating disorder stories here please!!!



SuperTrooper said:
babyblue said:
Well I feel nice and fat now after looking at that picture. lol lol Cant believe that picture is for real wink wink
Don't feel fat blue, there is always someone worse off
Its good to see Beeb and MDN having fun together
Always remember, there is life after anorexia...

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