Domestic violence

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gadgwah, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Domestic abusers 'could be banned' - *UK News - MSN News UK

    Saw this, could not find another mention on arrse. Mods feel free to move if in wrong place.

    Link above and text below.

    This does seem a bit one sided, in that suspected is enough to get him out.

    Comments and discussion welcome!!!


    Suspected domestic abusers could be banned from their homes for up to four weeks even if there is insufficient evidence for them to be charged under plans unveiled by Home Secretary Theresa May on Wednesday.

    The "go orders" will enable police to step in and ban suspected attackers from the victim's home even if they are too afraid of taking action themselves or if no criminal proceedings are possible.

    The year-long pilot scheme, which will start next summer in Greater Manchester, Wiltshire and West Mercia, comes as the Government prepares to publish its plans to crack down on violence against women and girls.

    Mrs May said: "Tackling violence against women in all its forms is a priority for me and for this Government. Domestic violence is an appalling crime which sees two women a week die at the hands of their partners, while millions more suffer years of abuse in their own homes.

    "These new powers will allow the police to step in when the victims are most vulnerable to give them vital space and time, which could ultimately save their lives."

    Police will be able to prevent alleged abusers from having contact with the victim, or returning to the victim's home, for 48 hours. A court will then be able to extend the domestic violence protection order, known as go orders, for a longer period, usually between 14 and 28 days.

    Victims will be given support to discuss their options while SUSPECTED attackers will have to find their own temporary accommodation. (My bold)

    The measure was first proposed by the previous government and similar schemes in Austria, Germany, Poland and Switzerland have proved to be a success, the Home Office said.

    Surely this is just an invitation to get some man out of the house.

    There is something wrong here.

  2. My ex, in her efforts to get the house for herself, tried unsuccessfully to get me to hit her. I can only guess what would have happened had she been able to get me banned from the house *on suspicion* of being violent towards her. It would have made it very hard for me to maintain a foothold in the house.
    I'd be interested to know what the measure of success is in the countries mentioned. This smacks to me of feminist attempts to load the scales of justice.
    Of course, if I saw women being banned from matrimonial homes, I might begin to feel I had misjudged the matter...
  3. I can see the thinking behind it and in some ways i'm supportive but you will get those who will see a chance to settle scores and abuse the system.
  4. Didnt Labour try something similar? The problem was the bloke doing the slapping is usually the one bringing the money in, so the women didnt report the assault for fear of losing the main source of income.
  5. To be fair, some bitches just need a good hiding.
  6. given recent posts from an arrser who's soon to be ex was accusing him of violence (wrongly) i find this a worrying turn of events! I KNOW dv exists and I KNOW women suffer BUT how many times have there been rape accusations or violence accusations that have been proved untrue?
  7. Domestic violence is all the womans fault anyway. If she cooks, cleans and puts out to the required standard (or even goes beyond) then there is no need for domestic violence.


    That said this is a stupid and unfair rule. Punished if only 'suspected'? What happened to innocent until proven otherwise? This is on a par where a bird who gets too drunk (of her own choice) can scream rape if she wakes up next to a gopper....
  8. I wouldn't worry. Realistically, what are the police going to do? Turn up at a house, find no evidence of assault and a woman unwilling to press charges and put a bloke out on the street for 48 hours. I can see the human rights lawyers rubbing their hands together with glee. Especially if the blokes dies of hypothermia and the wife then sues the police as his next-of-kin.

    What's a pi$$ed bloke going to do if it's snowing at 0300 and he's been walking the streets since midnight after getting chucked out of his house at 2300 by the rozzers? a) freeze to death sensibly or b) go back to the house and do anything he needs to to get back in?

    If the police suspect that the bloke's been hitting his wife, they should arrest him on suspicion of assault and deal with him properly. They arrest hundreds of thousands on suspicion of being terrorists. Why not try bagging a few who have actually done what they are accused of.

    Wife batterers tend to be serial offenders. The only solution is a jail sentence while the wife and kids are rehoused. IIRC there's a special DV court in Glasgow. Give the wife a slap on Saturday night and you could very well be starting a 6 month stretch in Barlinnie on Monday afternoon.
  9. Big Brother Police State is here and with us now........................
  10. What makes you think the scales are not already loaded?Take a look at the divorce laws and who gets custody etc.The law on rape--who gets named even before any trial?That's only two I care to mention.
  11. Why is Mrs May only talking about male abusers? what planet is she on? It is widely known that females commit DV offences too - the Home Secretary should know better
  12. This is probably another of those feminista driven things.

    The 'woman is to drunk to say yes' thing was exactly the same. No mention of a bloke being to drunk to say yes nor a either party being too drunk to recognise the other party was too drunk to consent!!!!

    Just utter tosh, that is giving the impression of forward movement brought forward by people who should probably have been lobotimised at birth and used for fruit picking.
  13. Mixed feeling on this, to be honest. I think the intentions are good, but, as usual, it'll just end up being an unenforceable mess.

    I can see both sides of the argument; living in Glasgow, with it's disgusting rates of domestic violence (which apparently triples on Old Firm match days, according to the rozzers) you see this as good idea.

    However, I've seen how laws like this can be abused; my step-brother was married to a complete bunny-boiler, who used to try and goad him into hitting her. When she eventually succeeded (by coming at him with a kitchen knife and forcing him to defend himself) she was straight onto the cops and he spent the night in jail.

    I don't think you'll ever convince everyone this is a good idea.
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