Domestic Violence - never hit a lady


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I think the chap at the end saved his life.
Another day of martial bliss at Casa Flasheart, I see.

I like the way the guy filming it is giggling the whole time. :D
That is f***ing priceless! Thanks a lot for posting it, it really made my day.

Nothing personal to you Brits, however, this video is really old. However, it goes to show you: NEVER fuck a woman bigger then you ;-)
very funny, but the whole time watching i ket getting this song in my head... or rather, one line from a divine comedy song... the line about having an arrse the size of a small country! he should have known never to slap a woman with a backside THAT size

However i reckon she should have just sat on him and saved herself the bother...

He'd have been sparko'ed asap allowing her to fcuk him up at her leisure.
8O WOW!!

For a big girl she can sure move fast. A job in security or at least psych nursing beckons for her :lol:
You can just imagine the conversation seconds before filming... "Does my bum look big in this"?

"Er, yeah babe..."


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