Domestic motivation to excellence

This would be in the QM & Log section were it not for this last quote:
Beside him is a sniper from 3 Para, who was part of the force that defended the Kajaki Dam, which supplies power to southern Afghanistan. “Thirty-eight confirmed kills from 11 snipers,” he said. “It’s what we call an ‘alley job’ – a job everyone wants to do. Everyone has seen the films.”

Patience is the key virtue, he said, “when you’re spending two weeks with four blokes in an observation post far ahead of your lines. It was 45C, you’re in body armour, two of you are doing ten-hour shifts.”

Hidden in position, watching for the combatants attempting to attack the dam with mortar bombs, he thought of going home. He said: “My wife was married to a soldier who never got deployed. Then she married me: 39 months I have been with her, I’ve been away 27. Speak to my missus long enough and you will have the patience to lie for ten hours behind a rifle.”
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"Domestic motivation to excellence"? Isn't that just a posh name for sex?

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