Domestic Energy Assessor

Anybody done this course and if so what are your job opportunities?
I havent personally but a few of the guys I work with have, for work purposes. Apparently its a fair bit of effort involved in the course itself.

Dunno about job opportunities but there were A LOT of people with no previous experience in building services or construction who took these courses when EPC's started coming in and set up on their own looking to make quick cash.

The opinion of the 2 guys in work who produce these for us (both time served sparks now working in energy) is that most of them are cowboys. Id imagine that the initial gold rush has now subsided with the arrse falling out of the property market and the situation may have stabilised slightly.

Purely conjecture of course, and I defer to anyone with first hand experience.
My mate started the non-domestic one in Brum. My advice? These courses are popping up everywhere but have no protection - her 'college' went into receivership with £4000 of her money. If you do take it on, get through it as fast as you can!

Plenty of job opportunities from what I see, but you will need 'case studies' during the course.
as said above dont go with a college out of papers etc... the umbrella company went under with all that went beneath (yes my other half was a victim)
we lost our money and were royally peeved off as she only had the final exam to do..
my advice is that if you are set on doing it look into doing it through one of the accreditation bodies, it may cost a little different but at least you have some security - do your research on the costs and benefits etc..
after the course you are self employed and there in lies a major fault.
to curb the market estate agents and similar were getting their guys on the course and offer the service in the HIPS package (which they do at an extortionate rate if you know what is involved) also a few agencies have popped up that crack off a good dozen + per day and offer a performance based pay for their guys and a reduced cost which has taken the edge off the market vary rapidly.
as a course it is a little bone in places and can be quite ambiguous and petty but in general not too bad.
hope this has helped??

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