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Domestic Electrical Installation Courses

I'm considering a shift from telecomms into electrical installation, having pretty much re-wired my house throughout (don't worry - the work was signed off by a qualified spark).

Can anyone suggest a training provider who offers sound hands-on as well as the dreaded theory, 17th Edition etc? Preferably in the Lincs/Humberside area.

Does anyone have any experience of becoming an electrician they'd be willing to share i.e. good/bad move, things you wished you'd done prior to the training course?

Any info etc much appreciated.
Did mine last year PAT ,DEI,16TH EDITION etc used crownship who seem to run everything in that area,personally i would have shopped around a bit more even though they have the ELC stamp ,the training is not what it should be ,but it may have changed !all very rushed and taught by very skilled people but lacking in teaching skills.if its resettlement or ELC you are using make sure you shop about and get the best deal .
Doncaster Engineering Training Association

Owned and run by an ex-welder and structural engineer named Nigel Parkin who seems like a really good bloke, haven't done any courses there myself but I was at their new premises on business very recently and it all looks very good. They are also registered with the Career Transition Partnership if that helps. Haven't got a clue as to the costs but their number is in the link.
Thanks for the info. I've emailed DETA to see if they can help me out. Life's too short to be spending good money on rushed poorly-taught courses. Especially as I'm not doing this for resettlement; I left the mob a few years ago.

Ideally I'm looking for someone who offers distance learning backed up with practical workshops. Gives me something worthwhile to do when away with work.

I'll keep you posted as and when I attend a course, although that could be some time....

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