Domestic burglar alarms

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. I need to install one of these for my insurers. (old unit is getting towards unserviceable)

    All I really need is one or two Passive Infrared detectors, an outside light/bell box and a control unit.

    I've seen the stuff on ebay and it's mostly junk.

    Any suggestions on what proper gear I can get and install myself or how much I should pay someone to do it?
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Try screwfix ( ), usually do some sensible kits for self installation, wirefree ones if you want as well.

    The problem is some insurers won't accept DIY ones.

  3. I installed the Yale wireless modular one from Screwfix.

    Bought the basic set for about £100 and added bits to it over the course of a few months. Easy-peasy to fit, batteries last yonks and not too expensive.

    Most insurance companies will give a discount for a fitted, working alarm. They seem to only distinguish between monitored and non-monitored types, the former getting an even bigger discount.
  4. Ex_Stab said..

    I need to install one of these for my insurers. (old unit is getting towards unserviceable)

    Beware Stab. Insurance companies usually require the alarm system to be installed by a 'NACOS' approved installer, and on a contract for maintainence. I speak from pesonal experience.
  5. Point taken - all comments gratefully received though.


  6. I'm no expert in security systems. However, I have a mate who is (he's worked his way up to be a regional manager for ADT). His advice would be to avoid the £100 jobs. It's best to get an alarm engineer to do the work for you, and you can negotiate the price with them as they often work on commission. According to him, you need two bell boxes, one at the front of the house and one at the rear. Also, the boxes should be tamper proof -- thieves have been known to inject 'No More Nails' type substances into the boxes. Also, make sure your system is backed up with a 12v battery so that it continues to work in a powercut/doesn't go off in the event of a powercut. Those are the main points I remember him mentioning.
  7. Two boxes not applicable in this case but I agree that they need to be tamper resistant. Agreed too on the battery back up.
  8. I have had a Response wireless alarm on my house for almost 20 years and it has not given me any problems. It is mains powered and has a battery back up. Comes with a couple of PIR etectors and door sensors, but you can other bells and whistles if you want. It is armed either by entering a code of your choice on the key pad or using one of a pair of dinky remotes. So easy that even the mensahib can use it. I have gone for the Texas upgrade and included a couple of M18 Claymores, off route mines and a remote 12 bore scatter gun.

    Seriously I have not had any trouble with it and after 20 years it probably needs replacing. In its place I will fit another Response alarm which should take me all of a couple of hours to fit.

    Google "Response alarms" for all the info.
  9. I used to know a guy who had one of the wooden training claymores covering the hallway of his house in Liverpool. It had a couple of obvious wires attached to it and he told everyone that it was wired to the alarm system.

    Funny how many people believed him but then he was "a bit of a character". Top bloke though, sounds as the day is long.

    Thanks for the tips about "Response alarms" - I had been looking at these:;jsessionid=VUZ5DLFB2RFWACSTHZOSFFQ#
  10. Mine is Green plastic and comes in a natty little green bag with a roll of wire, a silver det thing, a circuit tester and a clacker.. I also find the severed heads either side of the gate keeps the ner do wells and footpads away.
  11. Recieved my insurance today from legal and general.


    Saying that who was your quote for ?

    last year my mail quote was 250 ish , went on intenret same firm and quote was 175 for more cover???

    This year tried same but when I called up the lass said

    "If you insure the house for one of their "fixed" rates its better.

    So now its 150 quid for 400,000 cover . Strange but cheaper.
  12. I appreciate you need to do this for the insurance etc etc, but as Plod for some years now, I can tell you that it's all boklosk..alarms only tell you that there has already been a crime, and in my experience the slags don't give a monkeys about them because they know there's no-one out there to respond in time. In short, don't go bandy on cost, get the bare minimum and just make sure everything's got a lock on it that could pssibly have one, get some nice thorny pyrocanthus for fences/gates etc and put some carpet griprod on the inside top of your fences.(facing up obviously)

  13. Totally agree with creepy, but if you can get Galaxy alarm you can not really go wrong, takes sometime to figure out but worth it in the end. As for monitoring, not worth it.
  14. I find the following is pretty handy instead of IR sensors and bells and all that.