Domestic abuse.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by samain11, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. I was listening to radio Devon this morning and picked up on what some dippy bint from social services was saying about the sharp rise in reported domestic abuse in the southwest over the last year, so far so good, then comes the statement that this is the "tip of the iceberg" and thousands of women out there don't even know they are being abused. I started getting lost at this point because even if your abuse is of the mental variety surely you would have a clue that your other half was being a twat.
    What could she mean FFS, spending too much the pub, gone fishing, or tinkering with the MG is abuse because the Mrs is a bit needy and has no hobbies of her own ?? could I have my collar felt for this.
    Is the groundwork being laid for the next big witchhunt after nonce-hunting has become a bit stale or is it just the sisterhood sabre-rattling? buggered if I know.
  2. Auld-Yin

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    Don't worry too much samain, it is when the wimmin STOP complaining that you should look out your body armour!
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  3. I hope you rang in to complain about the blatantly sexist nature of the broadcast!
  4. funny as well, how an accusation of dv naturally means the man doin it to the woman.....wanna see some scars?
  5. Evil ******* **** I used to live with once called the Bill because I was drinking a cup of tea in a room* she had proclaimed as her own.

    I hope she gets facially disfiguring cancer, as soon as my daughters have moved out.

    * sitting room. ******* Evil Bitch Queen from Hades. Die alone and lonely you bitch.
  6. That sort of "reverse" DV seems to be a bit of a jumped-on bandwagon with the tabloid filthies and chat mags at the moment. As for mental abuse I suffer every day when my beloved puts my kitchen utensils back on the wrong hooks.
  7. mine was mental and pysical, the ptsd that some **** on here tried sdaying was gws or what ever, is in the words of me doc, because of some horrific slag whore. when my sprogs grow up and leave home, i hope she bleeeds to death out of her rotten ****.
  8. I had about ten years of increasingly violent abuse from the ex HiD until, last March when I baled out. Funny how she tried suicide so many times but never actually managed to go all the way.
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  9. Amazing how much is perpertrated by females, in an issue championed by females. Glad you escaped.
  10. You still carry a torch then.
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  11. Not helping is a form of abuse.
  12. It was tempting I must admit.
  13. If anyone had the means to make their wife disappear in a puff of smoke I would have thought it was you.
  14. Women are intrinsically evil, once you can accept this fact you are ready for marriage. Marriage, I find is like setting off for Mordor with a ring in your pocket which you really need to be rid of, but without any mates to help you.

    Gollum is always there though, gnawing at your fingers, in the form of the mother in law!

    I've had four wives and various common law entanglements, none of which ran smoothly, the concrete cellar floor is however quite smooth considering the age of the house!
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