DOMCOL leave

anyone ever taken DOMCOL leave? just looking for some advice as to how to apply for it (already registered, coming up on 5th year), how to get the flight paid for, any other special rules I might not know about. all help appreciated.
DOMiciled COLlective leave. basically any commonwealth citizen who enlisted in his home country or traveled to the UK with the sole pupose of joining the British Army is entitled to 45 days leave and a flight home at public expense every 5 years of service for as long as he remains unmarried and hasn't taken flights at public expense back to the UK from overseas (ie BFG, cyprus etc) for leave.
Ah, Gotcha. Used to work with a girl from Zambia or some such who done that. Know bugger all about it tho, so i'm really just wasting space on your thread. Sorry mate.

I know sod all about it, but Mrs Slopes is something of an expert in these matters. I'll get her to post a suitably informative response later! :D
Did it in 1985 mate, Claimed it back to South Africa. No problems, just got a warrent through RHQ, got the leave and went. If the RHQ are any good it will all get sorted for you once you qualify for it and as long as they can spare you for that long. Just like getting a nomal leave pass and warrent. Flew BA all the way and had business class for most of the flight, just enjoy it, 5 years is a long time to wait for the next one.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bset Regards
Application for DOMCOL leave is one of the appendices in the Army Leave Manual, all the rules regarding the leave is in there and you have to apply well in advance as it has to be approved by APC and MOD. Your admin office should have a copy of the ALM :)
If you joined the Army from overseas ie Fiji, Kenya and your NOK are still resident there then you can apply for 45 days leave and a flight back. You need to complete 5 years service and I would suggest you apply asap through your Admin Office. You need to take your passport along with you containing your status stamp for entering the country. Rules change a bit if you are married or if you came over to UK for another purpose, and not to join the forces.

Mrs Slopes
Cheers for all the replies and help. I was pretty fammed up on it before, just wanted to see how other people went about it. I qualify for it next year, so starting to plan just what the hell to do for 9 weeks leave. I'll speak to my chief clk over the year to get the ball rolling at the appropriate time.

Thanks again DD, slopes and lemon!
Well on domcol now, just wanted to let anyone else who's looking for info see how I went about it.

About a week before my actual qualification date, saw my chief clerk and got the application sorted out, this was then signed by my OC and maybe even CO (I'm not sure) then sent off to APC for approval. Applied for the 23rd of june, 21s june rolls around and nothing back from glasgow, ask the clerks about it who then chase it up and get the approval faxed to unit, this is then faxed to the nearest movers in colchester who booked the flight for me.

contrary to what many had said to me about it (including my chief clerk) it's not business class or as one lunatic thought 'BA first class all the way' but quite frankly the cheapest flight possible. in this case Air Canada economy. not complaining of course, but I kinda got my hopes up!

However if anyone else is planning on taking their DOMCOL I would suggest if possible leave the flight booking till the last minute (within reason). I think then you're more likely to get business class, as all economy would've sold out.
No worries Cdn_Spr - as Hob says, it's always good to get some feedback.

I'll pass it on to Mrs Slopes aka Darthette as well! :D
in fact, has anyone got the contact details for the movement control centre in colchester? i just got an e-mail from my tp mgmt saying an OTX we were deploying on in late august has now been cancelled, and so I can stay in canada nearly a week longer (was cutting it short to come back and deploy). I've contact the AMEX travel agency that actually booked the flight but as changing it would incur a small charge I just want to check it's alright before whacking said small charge on the MOD credit card.

I've tried the MOD and armynet websites to no avail.

thanks again!

oh and answers by PM pls, public domain and all

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