Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Notos, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Chaps.
    My Old Man is a Submariner. He is due to deploy to Afghanistan in the not too distant future.
    He was wondering about what the score was wearing his dolphins on his combats as a para would with his wings?
    Would any one be able to point me in the direction of sorting some embroidering company/supplier?
  2. I didn't realise we had any subs in Afghan!!!!
  3. The Verve were wrong! The drugs do work!!
  4. The pussers have been wearing snogging fish badges since April on most of their kit. 45 mm above the left breast shirt pocket seam (so my local spotter informed me) I've only seen them wearing these badges in blue kit so far and not in C95. Plenty of tube dwellers around RNB Clyde seem to wear C95 as working dress these days with a distinct lack of badges, less rank slides with "Royal Navy" on them. I would guess that as a trade badge "fish"might only be authorised for blue or white kit.
  5. No dramas, just out of curiosity more than anything.
    Partly on the basis that he'll be one of relatively few submariners out there. Been having a shufty about to look for some, but the only ones that are embroidered are Canadian or Australian.
    Many thanks for the swift replies.
  6. Hey up Notos. Ow at?
    Have a thorough search, this was covered in detail last year.
    See yer up 'anley duck!
  7. Dolphins on combats?? never seen any yet
  8. Try here;
  9. neither did I but I'll bet the Taliban will get get an effin' big shock the first time they are torpedoed - they won't see THAT one coming!

    ...I can just imagine the news reports about Taliban being sunk in Helmand...

    :D :D :D :D :D

  10. Him in doors tells me that yes, your Old Man is allowed to wear dolphins. Fabric ones aren't yet issued by Stores but try the museum in Plymouth. 3.8cms above left breast pocket for gilts, he's not sure about the exact location for the fabric ones but says to call Stores to ask about the exact positioning. If they don't know, they'll know someone who does.

    Him in doors also says to tell your Old Man to keep his head down out there and wear the dophins with pride, he's earnt the right.

    Edited 'coz I've got no sense of distance :oops:
  11. I suggest taking a set of Dolphins into the Jingly tailor on the boardwalk in KAF.

    They seem to be able to copy most designs in an appropriately sandy colour. I suspect they may already have the design as I am sure I spotted a sandy bubbler last year...
  12. So, where do those TLAM appear from, thin air?
  13. I would say it is only right that they should be worn as it is a Trade/CEQ, similar to AA Cdo and Parachute Quals etc, etc. Badges get made up "two a penny" in theatre.
  14. RN's latest submarine on it's way to Kandahar:

  15. <nods approvingly>

    The ganje in the paint shop could do with a bit of a shoeing mind.