Dolours Price and her taped interviews

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ninja_Turtle, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Looks like a few Politicians over the Irish Sea will soon have to answer some fairly searching questions (or probably not, given the current climate...)

    "Transcripts of interviews carried out with an IRA woman can now be handed over to the police in Northern Ireland.

    The PSNI had been attempting to obtain the transcripts of tapes recorded with Dolours Price, who died in January.

    On Monday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal against handing over the transcripts."

    I apologise for the second link!

    BBC News - Boston College project: PSNI get Dolours Price interviews access
    IRA tapes to be handed to police after US supreme court ruling | UK news |
  2. I do so hope that the tapes are not heavily redacted, or edited, and the public domain will get to see/hear some of the unsavory home truths that have yet to be aired. If it damages Adams & McGuinness, then so be it. It's a travesty that they are permitted a place in society, let alone a place in power.
  3. Are the transcripts to be redacted?
  4. There is not a hope in hell of you hearing anything which will upset the Stormont apple-cart or anyone whose name you know being asked questions beyond the mildly inconvenient.
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  5. My Bold: Peace and 'reconciliation' only works one way, for the other side its peace and retribution. Thanks for the links I am interested in the Jean McConville (RIP) case and would love to know what Dolours really said about that particular atrocity.
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  6. its fairly well known - DP was a bit, from recall, cagey about who did the dirty deed, but she says she was both at the abduction and at the murder, and that St. Gerry the Peacemaker (at that time, again from recall) Army Council, head of Northern Command and OC Belfast, verbally ordered her to to undertake McConvilles abduction, interrogation, murder and disposal.

    always, for the sake of wasted breath, worth remembering that when DP made her 'confession', she was no longer a member of the Gerry and Martin fan club - she was vigourously opposed to them personally and politically, and is unlikely to have missed an opportunity to stick the knife in. enemies rarely tell the whole truth about each other....
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  7. Point well made and taken. Thanks.
  8. We should really just dig the b1tch up and leave her body on a beach... but that would probably pollute the beach to much.

    Could we just send it to Chernobyl?... but then haven't they got enough sh1t lying around?
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As revolting as Adams and McGuiness are their current place in society and power comes from the ballot box. In a democracy we have to accept that some people will vote for the most revolting of turds - Galloway for example.

    We cannot tell people to take it to the ballot box and then attempt to tell them what they may or may not vote for.

    That said more truth would be better - maybe some of the morons who vote for these murderous cowardly vermin might change thier minds.

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  10. And... Maybe not.
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    People voted for the shinners as an alternative to the armed struggle. The underlying tag line being vote us in and we'll stop killing people. Even solid SDLP voters voted Sinn Fein.... Purely to stop the violence which people were heartily sick of.
    The fact that they had a good grass roots organisation and they were really quite good at helping constituents helped too.

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  12. You really think the people who voted for Adams and McGuinness never knew what they were?
  13. Interesting to see the then Chief Constable make the following statement in 2006. Sir Hugh Orde said:-'' I am not hopeful that anyone will be brought to account over the murder as in any case of that age it is highly unlikely that a successful prosecution could be mounted''

    An interesting statement in so many different ways.
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  14. not really, looks like a statement of the bleeding obvious. no written records/orders would have been kept, its very unlikely that any forensic evidence would have survived, and the potential protagonists/witnesses are all convicted murderers blaming each other - there's not a first year law student alive who couldn't get them aquitted.

    its important to find out the truth of what happened, but prosecutions? waste of breath.
  15. Sorry - BuggerAll, but I can't agree. If a state becomes so emasculated and fearful of not being "PC" or "inclusive" then it loses any real identity and becomes a playground for delinquents. I seldom agree with what Domovoy posts, but his comment in a different thread about "the west getting the society it wanted" was absolutely spot on.

    It was a Churchill quote I think, which runs "you've made enemies? Good, that means you have the conviction of your opinion".

    I cannot accept that UK has willingly set the conditions that permit criminals to become "leaders" - this statement holds true across the UK in total, not just NI. This is very real damage that is Blair's legacy.

    We have lost our way, as a state, as to what is acceptable and what is not. Multi-culturalism has been damaging, alleged "rehab" of PIRA has been a sign of weakness and will continue to be exploited.

    It's a cruel coincidence that I post this on the day of Mme Thatcher's funeral. Love her or hate her, she had a strong position.
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