Dolomites - Alta Via 1 or 2 - Level 3 Adv Trg

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by UnderTheBreech, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has done any decent walking in the Dolomites. Have read a few civvy webpages in relation to Alta Via 1 and 2 and would seem to be a pretty decent choice for a couple of weeks walking. Looking at taking some blokes down that way next summer and just looking to get a bit of insight, with squaddie perspective, from anyone who might have been there within the last few years or so.

    All my experience is in Bavaria & was just after a bit of info as to how it differs in Italia ie.....can you wild camp, prices of mountain huts, do you need membership, access/meeting points for admin veh (if used) etc,etc.

    'Via Faretta' crops up in text quite often, but most of the pics look more like easy sections with a bit of confidence wire, as opposed to being to anything you would require a Klettersteig Leader for....?

    Any info on jump off points or detours of interest to the standard routes would be welcome.

    Any body got a PXR I could have a read of....route maps ?.

    Thanks in advance if you can help.
  2. Did Alta Via 2 almost twenty years ago, so not much current advice to offer I'm afraid. I can certainly remember the walk has some stunning views in places and was well worth it. The tracks were mostly well marked and signed. Venice for a bit of R n R at the end proved quite a costly experience. If you're on a budget give it a miss.