Dole Scum Underage Mothers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mrs_Beaton, May 23, 2005.

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  1. First off, apologies its in The Scum:,,2-2005230552,00.html

    When is this going to stop?

    I would put money on them all getting their own flats, a fair amount of cash chucked at them, and none of them will put a penny into the system.
    They will probably end up on drink or drugs and pretending they are the victims.

    I can say in all honesty that in this case, I blame the parents. Or in this case the parent.

    Accidents happen but not three times.

    And their twunting mother is blaming the school!

    This stuff urines me off quite spectacularly, and quite honestly its unlikely these people will contribute anything to society or humanity, except more kids that the taxpayer will have to foot the bill for.
  2. Anger, disbelief and finally mirth as I reached the end of the article.

    Choice quotes:

    From Julie, the mother / grandmother:
    From Jemma (12 at time of conception)
    From Jade (14 at time of conception)
    From / about Natasha (16 at time of conception)
    Amazing. They have no idea about contraception, but as usual seem to know all their "rights" regarding allowances & housing. But I bet we're all pleased to know that even though the sperm-providers (I can't bring myself to call them fathers) are not in the picture, Jade tells us;

    No dear. I think you'll find it's us tax payers that provide the support. :roll: :evil:
  3. they get more in handouts than i get in pay for fcuking working...makes me want to puke !!
  4. truly spectacular.

    especially the bit about mum only noticing her 12 year old daughter was pregnant at 7 months.
  5. Without wanting to seem a bit 'Gary Glitter', I would have thought that they could try and get the father of the twelve year old's child; unless he is only twelve or thirteen himself he must have committed a crime.

    I might start reading the Sun more often; starting the day filled with indignant rage is quite motivating.
  6. It says he was 14 "at the time", so yes, they could try to prosecute, but IIRC there was a case a couple of years ago where a 14 / 15 year-old girl was sleeping with 30+ year-old man & the police couldn't prosecute unless she made a complaint, which she wouldn't. In that instance I felt truly sorry for the parents as they tried everything within the law to protect her, but as she wanted to do it, they had no rights. :evil: The 'Nanny State' will protect you and yours... :evil:
  7. Mrs Beaton, why pray, are you starting your day at the ungodly hour of 05.38? In my world it is nearly time for bed.
  8. On something of an aside, the Sun are running a story about the Royal Gwar being told to get his hands out of his pockets, trivial yes, but it looks like someone at Sandhurst has forgotten the bit about integrity.

    I hope this doesn't mean that his fellow Ocdts are going to start selling stories about him to the rags, he surely has enough to contend with; he is a Gwar after all...

  9. :D :D :D :D

  10. To quote Mr. T, "I ain't got time fo' no sleep"

    I have an essay due in and have been working through the night to finish it off.

    Is it mainly overseas types that are posting at this time of day?
  11. :oops: Guilty! Tis a sunny 1300hrs here & far too hot to be outside: Mad dogs & Englishmen (women) & all that... :wink:
  12. In Sunny London and just about to finish a night shift for all my sins.
  13. Heck no, a student!

    Having said that I'm about as far from Aberwistwith (or however you say it) as is possible in the UK (so its alomst abroad). Universities in the middle of nowhere! What will they think of next.

    Hope your essay goes well, ARRSE is clearly a helpful revision tool.
  14. Mr Murdoch aims to divide us and gets the desired response yet again. How depressing!
  15. I got my P60 last week and now realise that I'm actually supporting this family, and possibly another like it, through my tax and NI contributions.

    Of course, this is utterly intentional. The Democrats in America are notorious for creating voters through the welfare system, and New Labour have been doing the same here. how many of these underclassers will ever vote for a party that tells them that they've got to get off their arses and get a job?

    New Labour needs people like this.

    As I said in another thread, poverty nowadays is measured by whether a chav's mobile is 3G enabled or not.