Dole and Benefit Cheats getting off lightly

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CigarIsland, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. As my previous thread was closed by the MOD due to my cutting and pasting skills, I've just read an article on line from the Daily Mail where a reporter spent a day at court in Birmingham observing people who had commited Dole/Benefit fraud.

    Out of 18 cases that went to court non of the individuals were jailed and the majority are having to pay back their fines at a couple of quid a month.

    This flies in the face of a supposed Government crack down on said spongers of society. Most claimed although they had lived in the UK for a long period they didn't have the confidence to speak English. Convenience I'd say.......this fraud costs the country just over a BILLION pounds a year.....

    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Can you spot the dole cheat? Eight of them appear in court in a single day and NONE of them are jailed | Mail Online

    Is the link...don't want to upset the MOD again.
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  2. Kill them all, go on, cleanse the world.
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  3. Sixty

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    It wasn't closed for cutting and pasting. It was closed since this is CA: Current Affairs is primarily for the serious discussion of military-political topics and other matters which may affect us as members of the armed forces.

    and the forum description:

    Has this clicked yet or should I go and fetch some crayons?
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  4. It's Mod, not MOD. This site is not an MOD sponsored site.

    Please take your complaint up with the following:

    he keys to the Outrage Bus may be signed out from the Guardroom by an authorised person, however the bus is to be driven only by the duty driver.
  5. I wouldn't do that, he'd only try to eat them. ;)
  6. If I'd posted the thread in the wrong forum you could have kindly popped into the correct one.
    As for the crayon's it's a nice thought but I've just had scoff.
  7. I bet you still ask your mom to clean your bedroom don't you!
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  8. I think the driver of my local Outrage Bus® is claiming the dole on the side.
  9. Just another story designed to irritate Daily Mail readers.Nothing to see here.Move along please.
  10. Yep, open any local paper anywhere in the country and have a look at that days 'Court Round Up' and you will find that benefits fiddlers are the main event.
  11. Magistrates' courts tend to have theme days when they usually schedule all one prosecutor's cases for the same day, benefits scroungers aren't prosecuted by the CPS.

    Interesting The Mail know the chief beak's name, magistrates usually sit anonymously, makes you think there's been some cooperation and not just penned from the public gallery.

    Mary really is Small minded, if she doesn't understand how a woman from a devout Muslim background might not have kept up her English any more than she's probably kept up her school French.
  12. The courts are handing out soft punishments to just about all who come before the beak.Take the derisory sentence handed down to 2 thugs filmed beating the cr*p out of someone featured on today's Mail online.

    Of course those who rule(or dictate) to us can expect very soft punishments for expense fraud.

    Britain is a failing state mainly due to 13 years of Marxist goevernance from Labour.