I clicked on the "What's New?" button and was met with threads originating on the following dates:

Aug 2014, Yesterday, Apr 2014, Today, Yesterday, Wednesday, Apr 2012, Sep 2006, Apr 2013, Nov 2005, Jun 2013, Mar 2013, Aug 2014, Sep 2009, Mar 2014, Wednesday, Mar 2014, Monday, Aug 2014, Sep 2006, Oct 2010, Jul 2014, Today, Jun 2008, Tuesday, Jul 2013, Yesterday, Monday, Today, Apr 2011

For the hard of hearing, I've coloured red those which are more than 4 years old and blue those that are more than a year old*. Those that are more than a month old*, I've coloured orange.

Of the remainder, most of the subjects aren't new at all.

"What's new?" my arse.
* unless, of course, they fall into a preceding category.


You definitely need to get out more! ^^
You definitely need to get out more! ^^

Been out. Came back. "What's new?" looks the same as it was before I went out and not very dissimilar to what it was yesterday.

Same words, different order, that's all.
"What's new?" my arse.

There’s a reason that certain stock phrases have been around forever, e.g. plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose; nothing new under the sun; what goes around, comes around... etc. There is nothing new.

Flares and platforms will be back in fashion shortly, THEM have already gone retro in desert-ready flip-flops, newbies on here will be shot down in flames by the oldies, the oldies will have the piss ripped out of them by the midlife-crisis types and bints will only be tolerated if they’re pornstars AND mute.

Wars will come and go, as will governments. The form may differ, but the content never will - territory will be bagged, guys will get fragged, bints will be shagged while gagged etc.

It was ever thus. Why on earth would the miniscule microcosm of Arrse be any different?

(But one can live in hope :smile:)


And there will always be some saddo spelling Nazi around to tell you that the word should be "minuscule" ;-)
And there will always be some saddo spelling Nazi around to tell you that the word should be "minuscule" ;-)

Heh, it’s an accepted variant in the ever-evolving English language.

Some things do change. Minusculy :smile:

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