Doing the Lynndie Hop...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, May 3, 2005.

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  1. well see that Lynndie's mouthpieces have decided to cut their losses and cop a plea..

    Pte. England has ' decided 'to plead guilty to ' reduced charges ' and take her lumps... While she was eligible for 11 to 16 yuears in the pokey , likely she'll get only 30 months having come ' clean ' on the Abu Ghraib fiasco..
    blamed it on her former boyfriend and others who knew better, she also claimed ' diminished capacity' as she has a ' history of mental-health problems ' and ' learning disabilities ' [ apparently not a prohibiting factor to enlisting in the US armed forces ]..

    so, I guess its prison grey instead of dress green, some time to reflect and write her memoirs/exposes, sign for a book deal, movie of the week [ Paris Hilton to play Lynndie hmm? ] and a radio talk show, perhaps on 'coming out ' a al Martha Stewart?

    won't be posing for Playboy, I suppose, though her lawyer would look real cute all airbrushed and with a staple in her navel..

    well, that case is closed then..gues we can move on to the US shooting of the Italian ' Secret Agent ' now....
  2. I missread the subject as "hoop" not "hop". How dissapointing...
  3. Had you served with her you would have seen her hoop.
  4. My reading is that the poor cow had a bit of a rough deal. She seems to be some sort of 'good ole girl' who would naturally get roped in to any bit of a joke that was going - maybe even couple sandwiches short of picnic. The dog leash picture is an example. What does it prove other than that one bloke was on a lead for as long as it took to shoot off an exposure? In context, I'll bet there were more significant wrongs going on. The whole nick was run on dodgy lines. Also, why these low rankers going down when little seems to have been done to the CWO and officers?
  5. The real story of abu gharab was that bored MP's on the night shift invented activities to pass the time. None of this stuff occured during the day shift which would happen if it was sanctioned activity. Once the pic's got out and the reservists saw they were in trouble they tried to rope in the chain of command. All the soldiers involved pleaded guilty[plea bargain] or were convicted. Lindy is known to have had sex with most of her co-workers hence my initial comment.
  6. Should chain of command not be roped in if the night staff were able to do this sort of thing? Command and control is surely 24/7 activity?
  7. Something you want to tell us, Tom?.. :D
  8. It's like blaming 'Radar' for the 4077 echos.
  9. The chain of command would be responsible if they had issued orders to abuse prisoners. They didnt as a result they werent held to account - except BG Karpinski the MP brigade commander.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Tom that is just plain bollox. The entire chain of command up and down is responsible. If the Brigadier knew about it then all the way down the chain of command must have known about it. Brigadier Generals do not issue orders direct to those at the coal face. To suggest otherwise calls into question your sanity. Either she knew and so did the commanders below her or she knew nothing – you know how the chain of command works.

    And if a Brigadier knows about it then those at the very top would know about it. This is a cover up and these people, although deserving of punishment are being made scapegoats for the abject failure of the command element to keep a tight reign on things.
  11. I hear Mulder and the X-Files theme song 8O
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not really mate – either she knew (Brigadier forget her name) – which is what DoD is saying in which case a whole lot of other people had to have known. Or as she maintains she didn’t know. Either these solders acted on their own and their commanders failed in their duty or more knew about what was really going on. You can’t have it both ways.
  13. One of my Sgt's at work, was in the same unit as England. In fact, stationed in the prison when all of this was going on. According to him, England and the others were a "rogue crowd," and "out of hand." As Tomahawk said, it didn't occur with anyone else, at any other time.

    England is NOT some poor victim of her boyfriend, etc. She knew full well what the hell she was doing. As a typical criminal, when caught, she comes up with all kinds of reasons, etc as to why she should spend years in prison. Its a typical BS story, which, to most, doesn't hold water.
  14. I fcuked a Korean whore on my commanders desk after lights out. Does that mean if she screamed rape he knew???
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ctauch that’s not what I mean and you know it. These people systematically carried out these acts – it was not a one off by an individual. Now SNCOs are supposed to supervise their solders – where are the SNCOs who were in charge of these people? When I was in I knew pretty much most of what was going on with my solders through the JNCOs. If these solders acted alone then their Commanders failed in their duty of command and ALSO need to be brought to account. Or as I alluded to others knew what was happening.

    I agree that these people are criminals but Command carries responsibility – in this case there was a serious failure. What is being done about it?