Doing something for Combat Stress

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FARMBOY, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. I hear what you are saying Cuddles. I don't really see the situation (certainly in my unit) as Old School versus the New Blood, it is as you have outlined more a failure of management in dealing with those who hide in corners behind little niches they have created for themselves. Many of the old and bold are the first to volunteer for tours despite the handbrake that seems to put on their TA career. However some of the old hands have managed to craft a tour proof environment that revolves around "keeping the home fires burning." It cannot be good for morale.

    Combat Stress - I found a thread on ARRSE from a while back regarding a group of guys camping out for a night on the embankment in London to raise money for homeless ex servicemen. It sounded like an excellent idea and I would like to do the same thing for Combat Stress, organise some sponsorship and raise money for soldiers who are struggling. Does anyone know who I should contact at Combat Stress? More importantly who would be up for it?

    Hello old bean! I'm with you on that one, anything in mind?

    Actually my boss is doing the "three peaks" challenge next year for his Round Table, maybe we could do something like that??

  3. Farmboy and OXO, count this old whinger in as well :)
  4. OXO!!

    How are you doing? Regarding doing something for Combat Stress - I was thinking in the light of this thread that I wanted to do something for those soldiers who have mental health issues due to operational experience and Combat Stress seem like the best bunch to raise money for.

    I also have been reading another thread on ARRSE about perceptions of the TA in society, especially on T.V - THANK YOU RICKY GERVAIS and I think we should organise an event that both raises money for a good cause (Combat Stress) and highlights the fact that the TA have made an outstanding contribution to military operations, sustained serious injury and lost comrades. I believe many of us on this site feel that the public has no idea what the modern TA is about and this "Gareth" perception of the TA needs to change.

    Aim of Project

    To raise money for Combat stress and profile of TA/regulars.


    Clearly I need to clear things with the charity first!! However what I propose is organising a London venue where we can conduct a big camp out, bring maggot, bivvy and basher. I am thinking one of the commons or parks. The reason I thought of London is that a) People from outside London can make a weekend of it b) Big concentration of TA units c) The media are on the doorstep. However there no reason why others could not do the same in Edinburgh, Cardiff etc

    Raise Money

    Quite simply people would sponsor you to sleep outside in London for the night.


    As mentioned I need to speak to combat stress because this is all in my head at the mo. However I believe that doing this would allow the TA an opportunity to showcase what we do in a low profile and approachable way and highlight that far from being "Gareths" we have been on Ops. It would provide an opportunity for the public to meet TA members and also be an opportunity for friends family to set up a basha with us and see what we do too. Most important thing though is to raise that money.

    Watch this space as I need to speak to combat stress just to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel here!!
  5. Sounds like a plan!!

    I know for a fact there would be guys in my unit that would be up for that and I was also thinking of the TA in the public eye!!
    I still get people asking me if TA just do admin etc when on tour!!! What is that about?

    Anybody else up for this?
  6. FAB Baby - of course we'll count you in - the more the merrier. You well FAB?
  7. oh yes I'm fine mate, so fine in fact I'm heading of to the seaside with a group of Yanks from the N.Guard to do some range work for 2 weeks!!!!
    Imagine that! I'm back playing as well! well only for as long as my wife will let me :D .
    Hows you and the family? you back on the train set yet? stay safe m8.
  8. Farmboy: Rosie's details are in the charities forum - she would be delighted to hear from you. Some of us did a run during the summer for them and she gave us a lovely picnic afterwards - Goatman organised it all.
  9. Whats this about running!! are you radio rental!! only kidding (SO NOT),
    LOL what about sponge throwing at the PM? only 50 p a go and you can bring your own sponges (all boulders and rocks will be soaked in water prior to throwing) ok so thats not gonna happen but imagine the crowd you'd draw...................stone 'im, he said jeh......... I'm not gonna even start this 8O
    Anyway what ever is decided I'll certainly give it a bash :D
  10. When I've got Combat Stree, I just crack one out...
  11. Hello Everyone

    I have made contact with Rosie at Combat Stress and she has put me in touch with St James Park in London. Once the parks officer gets back to me confirming dates either 7/4/07 or 14/4/07 I will then post some firm plans and ideas for sponsorship.


  12. Good lad Farmboy, keep us posted :)

  13. You can add me to this - anything at all to help Combat Stress.