Doing P Company at 37?

Hi there, was looking for a spot of advice. I’ve always wanted to join the TA, but job commitments haven’t allowed it in the past and I’d figured that I’d missed the boat. However I noticed that the TA joining limit is about to be increased so I thought I might belatedly join. One of my local units is a 4 Para company and I wondered if anybody had any thoughts about somebody just turned 37 being able to cope with P Company etc. I’m fit for my age, certainly by civvie standards, with no chronic/recurring injuries, and up for a challenge. Anybody any thoughts/experience/words of encouragement…or am I out of my mind?


PM The Duke or wait for him to stumble across this thread, he’ll be able to tell you all about P company.
Best of luck


you're a fkin nutter - but if you're fit enough, go for it! Good luck!
My old man Transferred from RCT to Paras at 34 - so as long as your healthy and fit its got nothing to do with age.

From a myself whos done Reg P - company - no matter how hard you train it's never easy lol just keep going and keep taking the air in !

Oh and dont forget - you will get lots of build up from your unit on how to prepare etc and training.


Easy mate, A mate of mine did it at 35, as long as your fit enough just get your head down and get on with it.
older people have done it, don't expect any favours though

good luck


I undertook and 'arduous course' at 34. Oldest man on the course by an average of 10 years. I found determination and maturity made a big difference but my recovery was considerably slower.

4 Para would give you plenty of build up and advice so I say go for it, you never know till you try....


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I'm 32 and applying so your nto alone in the old stakes - I'm giving myself another 6 months to train up then just going to jump in and see how it goes. If you go onto you tube and search for channel 4 you should find an old documentary about it, also if you go to the infantry thread here there is a more up to date video on the course - might be an eye opener if you've not seen it
FFS age is just a number theres plenty of blokes over 37 passed P Coy
We've all seen Apocalypse Now....

"Airborne? Why the fuck would he do that?"

Good luck mate, go for it!



If you want to do it, just go to the 4 Para Coy and they will provide the beat up training you need. If you are reasonably fit, and much more importantly, you are determined enough to prepare in your own time then there is no reason you should not pass P Coy fo 4 Para.

Don't spend the rest of your life wondering what it would have been like - find out!

In the words of Captain willard in Apocalypse now...heck I did it when I was 18, damn near wasted me!


Hi, I know a Doctor who passed P Company at 45 then followed that by going to Telic (no number) and liking it so much he signed up for Regular service.

You have to put your all into it, you can succeed
CSPEP said:
Hi, I know a Doctor who passed P Company at 45 then followed that by going to Telic (no number) and liking it so much he signed up for Regular service.
If I did P Coy and loved it so much, would I be allowed to buy the company? Arf!

Note for younger readers: that was a (lame) joke - if you don't get it, rejoice in your flexible joints, robust bones, acute hearing and plethora of brain cells. Rejoice, damn you, while you still can.


You are as old as you feel. 60 to 70% of phys is in your head. If you are determined enough your age shouldn't be a problem. However 37 is a little old to start puddle jumping with a rifle company. if you are successful on recruits I would advise you to go into one of the support platoons, forever airborne!


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Following the commencement of my mid life crisis last Aug I contacted 4 Para via the website/email asking if at 37 I was too old to join.

Had a 3 second phone call back from some Capt a day or so later with a big fat 'YES' you are. Gutted!
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