Doing me a favour!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mollzers, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed something slightly array with the staff at the spar shop!!!(blandford)

    Dont get me wrong I am not winging about anything its just I see their behaviour as a tad odd!

    Its just they seem a bit reluctant to serve people and when they do its as if you have caused them some great embuggerance!!!

    An example,, A large qeue forming, one person serving, two behind they counter chatting or doing some task of no importance whilst the qeue gets larger, and then when they can be bothered dragging themselves to the till its as if they are doing you some great favour!!!!

    Now obviously I havent just fallen off the last space comet, or been living like a hermit all my life so i do go to several other shops and see how shop service should be, so why the fack do these knobbers behave in this way!!

    If this happened in a 'normal shop' I would feel inclined to complain or at least point it out to the manager as i am sure he doesnt want customers being put off by bad service!

    I am aware that it is not all of them and there are a few Pad's wifes work there but it just seems very strange to me! Hence my question 'Is it just me that notices???'

    Comming from a camp that doesnt have a shop or naffi I was wondering if it is Just blandford or is it like some strange phenomenen that you only get from shops on army camps??

    Also i noticed that a few of the spar 'workers' look on the customers as if they were something that just fell off their shoe! Again I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this or AM I IMAGINING IT ALL???????

    Your help in this matter may assist me in regaining my sanity!!!

    regards ...mollzers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nah, I've seen it to mate, and in most NAAFIs I've been in to. Suppose if we've got no where else to go then there's no need for them to try and keep customers happy.
  3. Its the same in most naafi's and spar shops mate. JHQ is one of the worst. As you idle the 20 minutes away queueing for the 1 open checkout, you can read the customer service statement about naafi wanting to give the best possible customer service.

    This means only employing pre-pubesant pad brats, which means you have another 10 minute wait once its your turn for an adult to come and punch a code into the till so you can buy a bottle of wine.

    And the "have you got your ration card" thing when your trying to buy a bag of potatoes. As if i'd try and cheat the entitlement system to buy spuds, knobbers.

    I'm actually quite pleased i'm now in a location without a spar or naafi.
  4. i can agree with boney on jhq . i was skiving from work and fancied a quick browse through the food part , choosing a few stickies , the assistant then asked me for my i.d card and ration card (i was in cs 95)as it was some "check " they were carrying out .now i dont mind showing my i.d . as it is part of the job , but come on i was in f uckin uniform!!! so im now going to find the youngest naafi employee and buy 1 can of lager and then ask for there i.d. ..
  5. Are you sure you ain't on about the NAAFI in Hohne or is there more to this
  6. maybe NAAFI have recruited a whole army of mongs! next theyll be slathering all over the place !
  7. Hmm I must say Mollzers I agree with you, I was down Blandford on a course earlier in the year and they do seem to look at you as if you have just crawled from out under a stone.
  8. christ - you should see the naafi staff in my camp. there's a guy works behind the naafi shop till who looks like an extra from Deliverance. a right miserable git - the charisma of a tory MP coupled with the brain power of a soapstar, with a side order of the good looks of moe syzlak
  9. But there are a couple of lasses working in the NAFFI at Blandford that I wouldn't mind hanging out off... If they asked nicely that is.
  10. Ah the moments of my life lost forever from the queues at the Blandford NAAFI.

    I have to agree in that the staff openly ignore how busy it gets and serve up a lot of attitude against us, the phase 2`s especially. However Ive seen many a phase 2 be just as ignorant and rude to the staff. But the NAAFI staff are not professional enough to ignore rude customers and take out there pent up aggression on us punters.

    My current NAAFI is a breath of fresh air, they have a nice warm manner, will openly check stocks in the back and serve with a smile (even if I ask for cashback!). Oh and I dont get a £1 imprint left in my hand after receiving change!
  11. naafi new meaning Not At All F ucking Interested
  12. The NAAFI staff at my unit are kinda weird too!

    One of them is a rather odd man who tries to keep you in the shop to talk to him for ages and not giving you back your change until he's done talking. Plus if you're of the female persuasion, it's not often your face gets a look in! The elderly NAAFI woman, this guy's 'mummy', has more facial hair than most men are capable of and the other NAAFI woman has the worst BO I've ever encountered - i.e. you can smell it as soon as you enter the shop!!! 8O :x :D
  13. Give the guy a break, he was involved in bad motorcycle accident.
  14. c'mon - being a rubbish driver ain't an excuse for being a sexpest
  15. If his accident was that bad I dont think he would be requiring any more BREAKS! do you??

    Or perhaps he should have been a bit quicker on his BREAKS!!!!