For those with kindness and deep pockets

Many of you serving with the RLC would have heard about Domi, the son of a member of the RLC, ex RCT. Domi is a very ill little boy with the strength and courage to fight his illness through adversities unknown to most of us. The passion his family have in seeking medical treatment to make life just a little bit better is extraordinary and one to admire but it costs financially and that’s where you and I come into the equation.

Last year a team led by The Corps RSM raised 20k completing 3 consecutive marathons over 3 weekends. This year I have been invited to attempt the Beachy Head Marathon along with Tinders and 20 others on the 29th October 2005,Boots on,Bergans full and very sore muscles but for a very good cause!

What I am attempting to do here on ARRSE is to seek promised pledge donations with a view to raise as much money as possible

For those that wish to make a pledge then please contact me through the message tool here on ARRSE. Please leave the following info:

Last 3
Work Ext with dialling code
Private email address (if you have one)
Work email address (if you have one)

If you dont want to contact me via here then please email:

I will check my ARRSE message box nightly leading upto the event and will contact those good enough to have made a promised a pledge within 24 hours including weekends via email I will give you all my postal details and payment details.

All payments are to be made after the event by cheque and made out to “sixth sense”. On completion of the marathon I will notify those within 7 days (may need a rest).

You can pledge as individuals, Troops, Squadrons and even Regiments, Its entirely your choice and Pledge donations can be as small or as large as you see fit. Whatever you choose to do, please remember its all for a good cause.

ARRSE brings us all together for many reasons, this is one reason that I feel is just and worthwhile and at the same time we can all help a fellow member and his son.

Donations recieved so far are from ACIO/AFCO within the UK and abroad, T-shirts and Wooley hats for the day.


I'm not RLC but having followed the plight of this little guy in the Sixth Sense, I think that in their defence, they have done a lot in his favour.

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