Doing both the OTC and ACF: Help please

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Monserrat, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Currently at university with a part-time job. Would love to be able to have the time to stay as an AI in the ACF - but the income would not be enough to sustain. What if I joined the OTC aswell? If I did both, with a reasonable good-turnout to paid camps etc - would this amount? What im asking for here is, did you do both? Do you do both? How much do you earn, on average?

    This way I will only have my hobbies and university to think about - rather than hobbies, university and part-time work.

    Of course, student loan notwithstanding.

  2. Do you really think you will be able to give the time and commitment that the ACF needs of you if parading with the OTC as well?

    What about just TA?
  3. Well, if you are finding it difficult juggling a part time job and ACF, then it's going to be no different if you join the OTC instead of a job. Just join the OTC - if you put in the time and effort, you'll earn the money you deserve. I get a loan and all my "extra" money comes from OTC and I survive, so you'll be fine.

    I doubt you'll be able to fit in ACF with OTC stuff because OTC will probably take up at least 2 weekends a month and weekly training nights (that's if you want to turn up regularly and get the money that you seem to so desperately need...). However, if you wish to still help with the ACF, there is always summer camps to help with, and the odd cadet training days. Some OTC ocdts I know are "attached" to their old ACF units and go back to instruct whenever they can.
  4. Put the degree first - if money is short borrow it - that is what the student loan is for. It is the cheapest and best investment you will ever make as long as you make sure you get a 2i. ACF/TA whatever etc can come later when you have more time, but there is no better advice than to tell you to put the reason why you are actually at university first and foremost. You have enough on your plate already unless you are prepared to see your ersults suffer...
  5. If you join the OTC you'll find it impossible to match that with any ACF commitment, however the OTC do tend to support ACF camps during the summer. You will also get the chance to do pre and post camp admin, supporting admin for other sub-unit exercises, plus plenty of bar and guard work for functions with the OTC on top of normal parades and exs.
  6. We have one UO who is both OTC and an AUO with us. She struggles to keep up the commitment. Last year at Annual I met a member of our local UOTC who was on his fifth ACF camp of the summer 8O plenty of income though.
  7. Thanks for the good advice. So what about this then. I cut down my part-time hours - and do the ACF only, alongside university?
  8. Cut the strings.... Get away from ACF at least for a few years. OK you enjoy ACF and alot of your mates are still prob cadets.. This can create a whole host of problems.. Get a fresh start and move on. If you join the OTC you will make new friends (of your age who can go to the pub with you) There is an upper limit on trg days they will let you do but to be honest i never managed to hit it and i did ALOT of days during the summer saved stacking shelves during the summer!!! On top of the days you can do there are the places you can go... My old OTC did atleast 2 overseas trips a year if not more. If you ask me, as ex-cadet, ex-otc now TA GpA the best thing to do is give the OTC a shot. If its not for you then you can always go back to your cadet unit as an AI but at least you will have had some time away doing something else.
    If you like OTC but dont want to join the GpA's once you finish uni then you could go back to ACF after that..

    There are quite a few options for you and my point of view is just one but have a hard think about it. If your only staying with ACF because its where your mates are then seriously consider a change. If they are your real mates then you will stay mates and you will make more drinking partners in an OTC.
  9. No - Im staying with the ACF because its what im good at. I consider myself to be a very good instructor - I have also already had time out since I was a cadet. With the ACF, I have the challenge of training young cadets, again, something im experienced at. The OTC? This is about learning, I'd much rather use my ACF skills in the ACF than harness them for the OTC. I just feel the ACF will utilise my skills more.
    Yes, I may be established in the ACF, but all my 'mates' are AIs anyway, not cadets. Im in the ACF to instruct and give back, aswell as all the other things. I personally would have no reason to join the OTC unless it was an alternative to part-time work, which was my original concern.

    The reasons why I would choose the ACF over the OTC are plentiful, I think - not that ones better than the other. Although I agree, I do need to have a think before making any decisions. The OTC seems ideal, but the reality maybe less than expected.
  10. In which case, you seem to have answered your own question - you don't really want to join the OTC. If you don't want to join in the first place, you won't put 100% into it, and probably have a miserable time.

    Put your degree first, and if you enjoy instructing ACF cadets, then stay with it.
  11. ok, allow me to break this down so people can help me evaluate my situation, and hopefully help me resolve the problem.

    I am a student, I work part-time at Sainsbury's - I work a whopping 18 hours a week. Including one weekend day. I attend university for approximately 9 hours a week (this, i know, needs to be reversed). I have enough work to do, but a desire keep at the ACF as an AI, I will parade for 1, maximum 2 nights a week.
    My initial plan was to scrap Sainsbury's, and do the OTC, which would replace the job, since the income may be lower, and since it is a hobby im being paid for, it seemed a better idea. Either way the ACF was still in the frame, the question isn't 'which to do'; the ACF is a must - im just trying to work out the balance - and I brought the idea of the OTC in to it - as an option.

    Thanks for all the help thus far.
  12. Know a few people who have tried to do this with the ACF/CCF. It can create a whole load of problems - mostly time related, but you may find that the OTC CO isnt all that keen on you doing both. Have seen it happen. Problem with the OTC is that alot more time commitment is required of you, and it looks bad on you if you keep missing Trg nights and weekends (or even camps) cos you're with the ACF. You'll also miss out on your bounty and most likely your MTQ's by missing camps - these tend to be at the same time as the Cadet camps a lot of the time.

    Dont forget you may not even like the OTC! It can be pretty mundane if you've done it all before. You may be getting paid, but it will be for doing 2 hours of drill on a Parade night with a whole bunch of people who have never done it before.

    So anyways... If your heart is really in staying with the cadets then you would probably be better off sticking with that and Sainsbury's. As time goes on your workload at Uni will only get bigger and you dont want to get TOO snowed under!

    But then thats just what I think! :)
  13. I was an acf instuctor before i came to uni, joined otc and tried to do both. what i found is that you end up doing so much with the otc that you dont have time to do the acf stuff, wasnt able to do acf annual camp because of mac task etc. ditch the acf for now and do otc!!!!!
  14. Uni is a time for you to concentrate on yourself, and primarily your studies! :wink:

    It wouldn't be fair on you or on the cadets you instruct to attempt doing both the OTC and ACF, which is how you would end up feeling, the commitment for both is far too great. The OTC will take into consideration your studies, to some extent it is obliged too, the ACF is not.

    Which OTC would it be? EMUOTC?
  15. OTC has definatly cost me more money that i have earnt through it. Social scene, mess bills trips and more socialising.