Doing a job 2 ranks above my own rank.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dmi2480, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. I am an Infantry Sjt, holding the appointment of MTWO in an Armoured Infantry Battalion. I have held this appointment now for 15 months. I was reported on in my last CR as holding this appointment, and carrying out this job on Operations. My CR was an A Grade, with a strong promotion recommendation. The CO placed me in the top 10 Sjts on which he reports on. Things were looking bright to say the least. My last CR was the 5th A grade CR and the 4th one recommending me for promotion. I thought this was all very well, a Sjt doing a Warrant Officers job. Six years seniority in current rank, there is me thinking I should be in line for promotion.
    A few weeks ago I discovered that my job LSN is being held by an Acting WOII on the "black economy" This only came to light in my units preparation for JPA. Dont really know if this affects anything?
    Then comes the showstopper!!! The results of the promotion board have been published on the Armynet, and yes you have guessed it. I did not get selected for promotion! ( I am currently away from my unit on a course)
    This is not so much a case of sour grapes, more a question as to what my options are. My Boss, has said not to worry, the CoC are addressing it. What ever that means?
    I enter the last 2 years of my service in October this year, so I do not have time on my hands. So next years board is "too little too late".
    I have been told in the past year that I cannot get pay of higher rank, as the appointment is 2 ranks up from mine, also I cannot claim pay of higher rank of CSjt for the same reason.
    Our RCMO is currently out of station on course, so I have not had any contact with him regarding my options.

    Any constructive advice will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Had the same f**ked up problem!
    I'm a Cpl who did a Sgt's job for 10 months whilst the post was gapped.

    When I asked for POHR I was royally Shafted as there were 2 Sgt's on the Black Economy (rarely saw them though) but because they were officially "on the books" I was told to wind my neck in and just enjoy the experience!

    If there is someone on the books then you cannot get the xtra pay!
  3. Work hard and wait for the bonus
  4. If you have only two years left then why would they promote you? You would be taking up a post of someone who has longer to run.

    I understand your problem as I was told to take redundancy in the 90s but refused, so spent 8 years marking time.

    It is career length they look at not you.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    You certainly should get pay of higher rank one up.

    For payment of such, it is COs discretion/auth for first 6mths.
    Then needs to go to Bde for the the 6-12mths period
    Over 12mths, questions should have been raised asking why someone is doing the job and hasn't been promoted.

    Your case is strengthened by the fact you are doing the job two up and the job is refered to in the CR.

    Unless you have some right stinking corpses following you that you are not telling us about, I think you are within your rights to ask some hard questions of the CO. Try for a formal interview as a first port of call.
  6. From October start looking and preparing for your second career. The last two years will fly by and when its time to leave -f not prepared - you will be accounting for fuel and tyres and not a good job with prospects.

    12 months after you leave you will be a 'Who?' and not a prospect for promotion!
  7. The ruling regarding residual service has changed recently in effect you can get promoted as long as you have more than 12 months service as opposed to the previous ruling of 24 months.
  8. So you can now get promoted in your last 2 years and then have even less time to concentrate on resettlement?

    Do you still get a pension in the last rank you held irrespective of the time you have held it and does it count if you are not substansive? Presuming that you have completed 22 years +
  9. What the fcuk do you want out of life. FFS how many miles have you taken when someone has offered you an inch.

    You still have to complete 24 months in substansive rank to gain the pension. Acting or local rank has never counted towards the pension.

    Are you advocating doing feck all work after your twenty year point?
  10. You've been stitched there pal!

    I'm a SSgt, at my last post my Tp OC was fresh from Sandhurst, so had to go away on his Tp Cmds course (3 months or so), then he volunteered to do pre para + P Coy(another 2 and a bit months).

    After the allotted time (I think its 18 days), off I went to the admin office and put in for substitution pay. They can only pay you 1 rank up, so even though a Non Commissioned Troop Commander is supposed to be a WO1, I got WO2 pay instead.

    So the answer is, get a grip of your Chief Clerk. He should be working to help YOU, not to keep you in the dark.
  11. I think WasMe has hit the nail on the head so to speak. You should push to be paid for the job you are doing but you must look ahead to your resettlment and grip it with both hands. I left in Jan this year after 23 years and was lucky enough to be able to do all my resettlment. They might still be offering you the carrot but I think most who are now out will tell you that to the CO etc you are just a number and a distant memory after you have left. Sad but true.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Many times as a buckshee in an inf Bn I was tasked with roles far above my rank, ARF LO at Brigade looking after Lts from the ARF etc. Often I ran Ops rooms apparently a sgts job but no sniff. Just got on with it. I was senior soldier on quals and service for a long time and had to look after a section of others or even lead patrols but never any HD pay. I gave up asking for plain clothes allowance and shaved my head.
  13. What I am saying is...................Look to the future. Worrying about not getting promoted in your last 2 years is not good. LOOK TO THE FUTURE! Instead of worrying about who has what, worry about what you will have in three years!

    You still have to complete 24 months in substansive rank to gain the pension. Acting or local rank has never counted towards the pension. This is my point exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A good mate finished his 22 detached to an SF unit in the stores. he as a full screw covered the IO job (a Captain) for 6 months on ops. He didnt get anything as his promotion was barred due to injuries in service but all who he worked for were impressed. It did however make him more rounded and willing to take on tasks above what the army had deemed him capable of in his pay packet!
  15. Many thanks for the replies. Im back to my unit from wednesday. My first port of call will be my OC, demanding a CO interview. Will keep you posted as to what he says, or promises. I wont be holding my breath for fear of suffocation.