Doing a college course part time

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by thebatoneffect, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Are there any incentives for doing say an open university course?
  2. You can use your SLC's for them.
    You'll gain a recognised formal qualification.
    Pride in achieving a degree whilst others have pissed their time away in the bar.
    You'll get a student card that allows you to go sharking in Student Uni bars...err, if you want of course :oops:
    You can be a necky tw@t and stick in a business case so that work will pay for your courses out of their training budget (I know a few guys who've got their Masters funded this way and they weren't at Staff College-they were other ranks.).

    At the end of the day, no-one else can force you to do it. It's up to you and how much you want to get out of it. Personally, I'll all for fleecing the system legally in order to better myself for when I go outside.
  3. The so-called "personal development" means better prospects both inside and outside the Army! Even reaching Warrant these days is so bloody competitive that a degree might mean the difference between 2 and 1! And if you aiming at a LE commission, you will need to show some signs that you have sought to expand your horizons.

  4. Well im doing one now DD100 :( but its a start, specially if you screwed up your exams and joined up :) , least ill have something when i get out :)

    Armed Forces Information

    Basically you pay for the course, (do it) pass or fail (but have to finish it)& claim the money back from the army afterwards.
  5. Don't worry mate, it gets better :D DD100 was a bit of a throbbing subject but it's a good foundation IMO and you do get a Cert out of it.

    I'm doing Module 4 & 5 this year (as I'm a sucker for punishment)-European Politics-hmmm lovely!

    To be honest though, doing Open Uni is quite addictive. I'll have my BA(Hons) in Soc Sciences with Geog & Politics finished next year and I'm already looking at how I'm going to squeeze in an MA with deployments etc...
  6. =( Well im trying to do BA/BSc (Honours) Criminology and Psychological Studies :crying:
  7. have you done more than 60 points in a year? I need 120 points for a BA (hons) in Humanities with English and Religion and was thinking about taking two level three sixty pointers next year.
    I know what you mean about DD100 ! My wife is currently batting her way through it.
  8. Most certainly are mucker...........

    I finish an MA in Oct of this year and have already been (tentatively) offered a nice little earner for when I get out next year.

    OU study is fun but at the same time, when you've done your 22 you will have more doors open to you than any of your non (not as?) educated peers.

    On the way to your run out date such out-of-hours study will also be looked upon highly favourably by your reporting officers as well.

    Enjoy mate - it's worth it.
  9. I am currently studying with the OU for a BSc in IT and Data Communications. I think that Desktop Commando is referring to Standard Learning Credits (SLC) but you can also use your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) to fund it. These are worth 1000s of £s. I believe you are eligible for ELC if you have served over 4 years. Get down to your AEC to get all the bumpf and a brief on how to register. Doing it this way means you don't have to stump up the cash and then claim it back. The MOD pays up directly to the OU, all you have to do is pay a small contribution. TOP TIP: DO NOT REGISTER WITH THE OU AND THEN TRY TO CLAIM ELC, YOU NEED TO REGISTER WITH ELC FIRST!!! It is a good system and very quick, took me about 4 weeks to get started. You can also claim back costs incurred for Summer Schools as well.

    PM me if you want any further info.

    Berlin 104s

    Good Luck and enjoy it!
  10. Uncle,

    I am currently doing 90 points this year. DD(ZX)200 and a Level 1 IT course which to be honest is a piece of pish and all I'm doing is submitting the TMA's as it is really really basic. I'm only doing it as I've got a spare 60 points in my degree. I was going to do the NVQ 4 in management until I found out that most of the Colleges offering it have bumped the prices up from £200 odd quid to roughly in line with what you're entitled to if you claimed off your ELC-handy eh??? :roll:

    I did a Level 3 60 point course last year-I wouldn't advise doing two Level 3 courses simultaneously however as the workload required for a Level 3 is extremely high compared to a Level 2. I have to say that I struggled somewhat and I was lucky enough to not deploy last year apart from throbbing exercises in South Cerney etc etc.

    I plan to use at least one of my ELC's productively on a diving course in Thailand (cough cough :oops: ) and the other two I'll "waste" on a Masters :D :D

    I agree with what Litotes said though-if you want to stand a chance of getting your WO2's or 1's (My branch in the RN is one of the very few that have the route of WO2 open to them), you are going to have to stand out from the crowd in some way in order to stand a chance of getting it.
  11. Log on to ArmyNet to see more on ELC

    (might help if logged into ArmyNet first and copy and paste the link)

    Berlin, Ive registered with ELC, but apon researching it, said I had to complete course first, but anyway if dont get cash back, is ok getting more qualifications for more bucks when i get out.
  12. The National Extension College comes highly rated and service peeps get up to 80% off courses. A good way to build up quals.
  13. Great info all, how are you all finding squeezing in the study with army life?
  14. with Board of Officers, ECI, LSTI and other inspections is crazy at moment after May should calm down (i hope)
  15. Baton,

    I am doing 3 x 30 point courses this year as we are quiet! This works out at about 24 hours per week. You should allow about 16 hours per week for one 60 point course. Bear in mind that studying 120 points at once equates to full time study! It takes a bit of discipline and time management but it can be done. I wouldn't entertain it on tour though! Once you get stuck into it it is very enjoyable, just keep focussing on each little bit, then move onto the next. Also I always take a study book and a pen with me everywhere for when there is a slack moment, eg. sitting in the Dental Centre, etc. I am focussing keenly on the career prospects after 9 Apr 2011, and it also keeps me out of the Mess!

    Kind regards