Doing a 40 miler next week - any tips?

As the title says - I am doing a 40 miler next week, does anyone have any advice. I am not a numpty and have done this sort of thing lots of time before, however in the spirit of improvement, I may be missing something.

I am expecting the usual soreness/blisters. I normally wear 2 pairs of socks, have well worn in gear and powder my feet. I have to date never used zinc oxide tape or used surgical spirit to toughen my skin - so would be interested in feedback from anyone has tried either of these (plus anything else).

Thanks in advance,

did bruggen 10 and died, but also no warm up, no training, and loads of beer afterward, probaly noted that one.

use zinc oxide around the soles of your feet, helps :)
Use a car :)
I used zinc oxide tape (ZOT) quite a bit in the past, the big thing is not to get any creases in it, that will fcuk your feet if you do! Also don't wrap ZOT completely around the foot or toe, they need room to swell and move as your feet get hot. If you've put the miles in with no real drama on the feet then stay with what you do....

The 30 miler at Lympstone makes your feet a bit sore because it's predominantly across Dartmoor, so it also depends what surface you'll be traversing.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
why are you doing a 40 miler? is this an army thing or just a hobby? I know some people do cross country and things like the death race.

to think.... i feel proud after compleating a 10 miler :(
Is it the pathfinder by any chance? did it last year, good jaunt, but fcuk me did i feel it after 46 mile! If it is and you haven't done it before, be warned the local farmers think its highly amusing to churn all the fields the day before the march, ankles all over the shop.
Nothing as serious as the pathfinder - just a challenge between me and 5 mates, which sounded a great idea in the pub (like they always do!) We like to set ourselves regular challenges to prevent boredom/getting stale and we are too competitive to make them easy. It is Tough Guy next month - again another idea from the pub. At least we were not daft enough to do the winter one - 'till the next time we have a few beers :wink:

Anyone tried the surgical spirit?

Cheers for the tips so far,

(Quote)..Anyone tried the surgical spirit?

Surgical Spirit is good to harden the skin on the soles of your feet.
Just dip some cotton wool pads in and apply, but it does take time for your
feet to harden up..Just persevere.

Failing that you can always P1ss on your feet in the shower...It does work. :wink:

With regards to your 40 Miler..Are you carrying any weight..?

If not, then i would advise strongly that one of you gets a "Safety Bergan"..In case of any unforseen mishaps en-route.

Also leave your route and Mobile number with a friend...

Bon Chance.. :wink:
Good fitting and worn in boots.

and lots of clean (new, so they are still springy and wicking) socks, foot powder and zinc oxide.

No need for anything else.

Maybe some second skin and those funny gel pads for blisters.

Hopefully you have been training, so you will know where you hot spots will be, and blisters if any.

Other than that my advice would be do it in a car, as someone above said!!!!


Cheers for the advice and the reminder about safety - We will take heed!! We all intend to be home safe and sound, even if a bit knackered and saddle sore :wink:

Many thanks,

Thanks C_F, you must have been typing while I was!!

I'd recommend taking in water - lots of it. I've done the Pathfinder 5 times (boast), one time I didn't finish was through heat exhaustion. Completed 3 times, feet a mess every time. As has been said - the ground isn't flat!

Change socks, foot powder when you do, tape up if there's any soreness (make that when there's soreness). I've used surgical spirit both before to harden the feet and after to harden up the blisters that burst.

That makes the eyes water, by the way.

This year I'm taking it easy and helping to man a checkpoint. If the weather is like it is today in East Anglia there'll be a trail of casualties all the way round. Good luck for your tab.
I'm doing a full marathon in Edinburgh next week, the Moonwalk. I know very girly compared to 40 plus miles!
Been training since October and suffered terribly from blisters in the beginning.
Was given various advice, including popping blisters that form, talc, double thickness socks (I found they worked for me) and the best bit of kit is the iron oxide tape, since I've been using it not one blister! But as above you must put it on as smooth as possible.
Good luck on your walk.
Use zinc oxide but dont skimp and get cheap stuff as it will not stick well and roll up in your socks which is F*****G anoying!!! As a hill walker I love zinc oxide tape but I have only done 40 mile type distances a few times and not at speed.. good luck!

Take plenty of water, as well as some lucozade type stuff to replace salts that you will sweat out, if you dont you will get terrible cramps as I found out on mile 36 of the Pathfinder first time I tried it.

Definatley take Zinc Oxide tape, and as soon as you feel the start of Blisters tape up your feet ASAP and apply plenty of foot powder.

Take a Hat and Sun Cream to stop heatstroke.

As for Tough Guy give the Winter one a go, cold, but great fun.

Good Luck
Thanks for all the help and advice - I have invested in the Zinc Oxide Tape, and taking plenty of foot powder etc. Really looking forward to it
now - I will let you know how it goes.

We were having a laugh about it today as we already know who is going to be whining first and who has potential to be dropping out.

Just a few things to square off with the packing and off we go.....

too_tall - yeah I know, I might as well book now for the Winter one, as I am sure to be wanting to do it next.....what a pillock I am at times!!!


never done a 40 mile as a stright tab, done the Manx mountian marathon..32 and some peaks...have you tried the new desert sock on issue?..the the thing for tabbing in "normal" boots dont go heavy on the foot balls up and rubs..take a camelpac cos after a stop for water (A Must) its harder to keep going again!....all the advice is bang on...too_tall is correct with the salts thing the first Cambrian I did I never replaced my was murder, cramp like i never thought using surgical spirits I tried it and my feet blistered because of a reaction in my skin..not good

all the best..have fun! :wink:
With regard to using surgical spirit to toughen feet I am not so sure that it works that well, my feet went rock hard after a few months of very freqauent martial arts training and on logs walks and runs they seem to kind of crack and it hurts like hell.. I have recently been using a moisturiser on them and keeping them tough but supple and it works alot better than using surgical spirit.

He'd be better off drinking the surgical spirit before the tab instead of putting it anywhere near his feet, all it will do is dry out the outer layers of skin and make blisters/foot infections more likely.

Either your boots fit well or they don't, there is no need to modify your feet, just get decent footwear !
Vaseline - not for post-walk male bonding but for your nipples and between your legs.

Start off talcing between the legs until they start rubbing too much then shift to vaseline between your legs, on your ball sack (that fcuking hurt when I rubbed that raw) and probably between your arrse cheeks.
I've never done over 25 miles, but done 22 with weight and the worse thing by the end was between my legs!

Nipples, they'll get sore. Vaseline them up a treat. Known a couple of people who had bleeding nipples after a nippy half marathon.

I'd also say take a tubigrip and knee support or two - just incase one of you turns over a bit and wants to finish as they can help out (arrse consensus - knee supports, ally or homo?)