Doherty avoids nick again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stinker, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. yeah the fucking junkie scumbag what the fucks the crack
    if it had been anyone elese they would have been jailed long ago
  2. He is a cnut of the highest order, the sooner he o.d's the better.
  3. Send him down..................
  4. Nah, leave the cnut alone. He'll soon do himself in and save the tax payer a bundle.
  5. You can't put him in prison as it'll be against his human rights because you'll be making him go cold turkey. :roll: :x

    Yeh he is a class cnut (see what I did there, clever I is), sooner he OD's the better, no likes his music either.
  6. Lets hope he's driving a coach full of bogus asylum seekers and assorted chavs towards a cliff edge when he has a fatal and final seizure.
  7. Thats harsh....buses cost money.

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He's a pop star who sells loads of records & makes the tax man lots of money!!Ergo his 'misdemenours' mean he sells more records so more coffers for the tax man.
    Just like to say,I think he's a w***er !
  9. Bugly, you have obviously drank deep of the milk of human kindness.

    And it would be nice if he could plough through a crowd of the similar scrotes walking along the cliff edge.
  10. My daughter phoned me tonight and had a field day with this. Before I go any further, I'd better admit that I like Pete Doherty .... find him dead sexy :oops: . But, that aside, she'd had a gut full of it today. She detests hippies with absolute venom. (I took her to Glastonbury (the town, not the Festival) once, and she was almost phobic, saying, "I can cope with one of these dirty creatures in a town, like most places, but this is making me feel ill".) She works in Reading and was shocked, today, to find all these ghastly, dirty people arriving for the Festival (which she had not heard of, though I used to go). And then, seeing Pete Doherty on the news, sent her into tailspin. She told me the nearest thing to a dirty hippy, that she felt able to tolerate (because the only problem was his long hair) was Vernon Kay. The generation gap, eh?
  11. whats sexy about a smak head
  12. I think there is a ' Proviso ' on a warrant issued by a magistrate for an offender who fails to surrender to the custody of the court to answer bail.

    If he was arrested for this type of offence, he has to be brought before the ' Beak ' within 24 hours.

    I believe he was at a concert over the weekend when he got popped by the police.

    He has snookered the law yet again. Hopefully, he will go ' in off the red '
  13. I suspect he is able to put an apostrophe between the "t" and "s" in "what's", put a "c" in SMACK ..... and a question mark at the end of the sentence.

    Edit: Further to my previous post, I wondered if an anti-establishment friend of mine had cause my daughter's aversion. She replied, "At least he wore a proper jacket and polished his shoes". He, obviously, got some benefit from National Service in the RAF.
  14. The guy's a waste of skin.. and an oxygen thief. I hope he dies in an RTA. Cnut.

    Edited before Bovvy picks me up on grammar.