Doh !!



Hello ladies

I know the rest of the Army hates Para Reg but this is taking it a bit far. :wink:

I'm having probs getting re-registered, tried several times but no joy. I'm no poota wizkid but I'm pretty sure I've followed all the steps correctly, any tips :?

I've sent messages to the admin address without reply.
maybe its a hint :roll:
Don't know why know reply from - we've been v diligent in answering everything quickly since the site change and have had no other e-mail problems. My apologies - can you get me know what troubles you're having and e-mail to again with your username etc and I'll get on the case.

Only problem we have had is account validation links from Hotmail say that no account exists after you click on them, because hotmail won't let you escape on to that link - you stay within hotmail and it modifies it. The accounts have worked anyway afterwards however.

Just checked our e-mail (already checked three times today) and nothing received, we're nowhere near our size limit and have received a couple of other e-mails today. Please check the address (2 Rs in arrse for instance)

Just checked our userlist and you are registered and the account has been activated. Still can't log in?

Ok another couple of thoughts - if you used the old arrse (more than about 2 weeks ago) your password will be the first 2 letters of your old one. If you're trying to register from scratch under Eggbanjo, you won't be able to because you already exist.



Oi, Boll*ck chops, if you check back I don't think I've upset anyone from my previous posts, but there's always a first time.


I'm working from site at the moment so I'll give it a go when I get back to my home PC, cheers.
I look forward to meeting you on the field of battle sir. Watch out though theres a few people who take this all a little too seriously. Hope youre on soon.
Boll*cks Chops!!!! i may have put on a couple of extra pounds but its not that noticeable.



Tried again last night and went straight in. Can't explain why it didn't work before all very odd :?

Thanks for the advice anyway.
No probs. We're still having a few teething problems with the software so I hope it doesn't cause you any more problems. We need to make it work 100%, so if you do get any more problems I'd be grateful if you'd let me know with any symptoms. Glad to hear you got in!

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