Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr_Jones, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. This is maybe a really dumb idea but...

    If these roadside bombs have a ton of explosives would sniffer dogs be some help out in Iraqistan?
  2. They actually did trial using sniffer dogs when IED's first became a real threat.

    Trouble is, the insurgents aren't stupid and when they first clocked it they started smearing the explosives with dog food with predictable results. I'm not sure what eventually happened to the project, but I do know we lost a lot of good dogs.

  3. Ah, ty.
  4. There's no such thing as a "sniffer" dog - ALL dogs sniff.

    There's guard dogs, search dogs, tracker dogs, guide dogs, gun dogs etc etc but NO such thing as a sniffer dog.

    The media might call them sniffer dogs but we don't.
  5. Not all dogs. My dog's got no nose! :D

    (Is this a little less subtle that my last?)
  6. ok I'll bite.... how does he smell? :wink:
  7. He doesn't... He's got no nose. 8O

  8. Good thinking. However, as the 'dog food' post suggests, they might actually cause more of a problem by setting the things off (ie they are mostly triggered by movement). We are not really looking for them as they are best avoided. What you really need is some magical gubbins that allows you to rove about in an invisable bubble that tricks the devices into thinking that you are not there at all and so they don't go off... hmmm...

    For obvious OPSEC reasons, lets NOT turn this thread into a description of what that might the the form of.
  9. What would be really useful is a device that makes the bomb think you are there the very instant that the bad guy arms the thing. :twisted:
  10. :( :( :(
  11. Obviously far too subtle...

    Dogs are, or at least were last year, routinely used to help find IED's both on patrol and during arrest ops.
  12. How about we train cockroaches to hunt and detonante IEDS. I'm forever hearing that they would survive a nuclear holocaust so a little roadside IED should just tickle them a tad.

    Or, genetically breed giant cockraches with a troop compartment in the back and replace snatch.
    I think I might patent that and sell the idea to MoD
  13. How about a Chav battalion of Asbo scum acting as a recce element. Simply fuel them up on a cocktail of cheap alcohol and drugs and let them detonate the IED's. Thus saving valuable troops life and ridding society of unwanted scum.
  14. Again, this thread seems to have arrived in QM's and MT... Why does that keep happening?
  15. You're advocating replacing snatch with a cockroaches snatch?

    Strange. ;)