Dogs Vs Rank

Discussion in 'Officers' started by felixthefox, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. heres one for you
    we have had the topics on dogs in the mess and it seems to be agreed that working/shooting/terriers are suitible dogs

    but does rank affect what dog you should have??
  2. The more established you are the less manly a dog you require.

    Rottweiler owner - insecure Officer Cadet; chiahuahua owner - potential Field Marshall.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    At one HQ I worked in, SO3 G3 O&D's Staffordshire Bull Terrier had a slight altercation with Comd Log's rather effeminate Golden Retriever. This actually resulted in a fist-shaking interview sans café and threats of career blocking, decimation of O&D's family etc etc. The Retriever was an accident waiting to happen - my kids' hamster could have taken it on a good day - so naturally we were all keen to get it into the offices where all the fierce dogs were to watch it getting filled in. Funnily enough, Comd Log stopped bringing it in to work after a week or so.
  4. Ah, the chaps versus blokes thing......
    Black lab - chaps dog.
    Jack Russell - ditto.
    Pit Bull - blokes.
    Irish Setter - chaps.
    Great Dane - bit blokey.
    Chihuahua - equal opportunities dog.
    Flatulent, incontinent, minesweeping old hound of any type - senor officers dog.
    Me - Staffordshire Terrier owns me, so I suspect that, in stereotypical terms, I may well be a bloke.
  5. I am not an officer but a SNCO. I have a wee West Highland Terrier (an excellent Ratter) and a Black Labrador Who despite not being pedigree is the best Gun Dog I have ever had. While the Labrador os very affectionate towards everybody she encounters the Westie has a tendancy to become aggressive when forced to deal with those whom he considers inferior.
  6. Yes, but you are Caledonian, and the rules therefore don't apply...

    Old English Sheepdog (docked)
  7. i have a Rottweiler, im certainly no orrifice cadet. im a civvy and ex SNCO. am i insecure?!
  8. I've got 2 Jack Russells, the best dogs anyone could wish for. Some daft bint ran her car over one of them when the Maud and I were walking them on Sunday in the local park and broke 3 of the pooch's ribs and pelvis. Even though she's in a lot of pain and feeling a bit sorry for herself, she's already up and about.

    Daft bint driving the car was some chavette who wasn't nisured to drive "Waaaaayne"'s car and didn't have a driving licence. Seeing as she drove off and we got her licence plate the local plod will be calling round to ask a few questions and extract the vets bills.

    Anyway, Jack Russells - the way forward!
  9. Ahh! We were talking about officers, the rules for SNCOs are clearly different (aren't they always?).
  10. shysters. Failing that, drive over the car with something heavy and armoured.
  11. In my (admittedly limited) experience:

    Gun dogs of all sorts - DE officers, probably public school, no Reg OR service. The older the dog, the more senior the officer.
    Terriers of all sorts - DE officers, grammar school, prior Reg OR service. As above.
    Pedigree "big" dogs - LE officers, G4 branch (often seen in the company of WOs contemplating an application for commission).
    Small mutts - DE officers, comprehensive school, no Reg OR service.
    Large mutts - LE officers, G1/G3 branch (often seen in company of LEO contemplating application for conversion to DE).

  12. If I find the chavette's boyfriend who was hurridly trying to get her out of the driving seat and out of the park as quick as possible after she drove off and I ran after them, I'll be extracting the vets bills from his spotty burberry-check cap and scarf covered face. Tw@t!
  13. The "interesting" school I went to had a Commandant (now retitled "Bursar") who at the time was a retired Brigadier, who would be seen walking a pair of Pekinese.

    He'd been a Coy Comd in the Desert and Italy with the Gurkhas, won the MC at Cassino, done P Coy in his mid-30s and served with a Para Bde, suppressed a mutiny in Tanganyika, commanded a Fusilier battalion in Borneo...

    His obituary is in
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Hmmm, as an ex-Public School DE officer with no regular OR service, I have an English Bull Terrier. Big, stupid and vaguely menacing: a bit like me really...
  15. Bloody Hell.......have you won any 'Spot the Ball' competitions?

    How accurate can you get! Quite funny as well! (particularly the digs at the LEs and Wannabes)