Dogs tags information required

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nobbygas, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong Forum. If need be, can the MOD's move it into the correct Forum?

    Anyway, a friend of mine was recently on holiday in Panama, and she found some dog tags washed-up on a beach. They head the following details on them :-

    Lambert Dennis W
    RA 15803813
    O Pos

    The guy was obviously a Baptist, with O Pos blood..............Does anyone know how I can find out more information?
  2. That's an old US Army dog tag from the pre-social security number era. RA means regular army, then the serial number, his blood type, and religious preference.

    cheers, Mark
  3. Interesting stuff, especially when something like this is found on a beach. From what I can gather the tags would`ve been issued between 1918 (when serial no.s were introduced) and 1969 (when the numbers were changed to social security no.s).
    The first digit (1) means regular army as has already been mentioned, the second digit (5) means fifth corps area (Fifth Corps Area (Ohio-West Virginia-Indiana-Kentucky) HQ=Ft. Hayes, Ohio).
    I can`t find anything else on the chap though 8)
  4. Here is a picture of the actual tag.

  5. Interesting, someone could have been searching for a lost husband or father for years and you have their answers in your hand !
  6. I will make a FOIA request to the NPRC and see what they come up with on him. Being as the dog tag doesn't have the notch on it, it's probably post-WW2.

    cheers, Mark
  7. Thanks for the information. If I find out anything more, I'll let you know.
  8. Apparently, this is the official policy !!! It sounds a bit heavy-handed !

    What To Do
    With Found Dogtags...
    Lost dogtags are the Property of the United States Government. Lost dogtags are not the Property of the veteran who wore them, nor are they the property of the veterans family
    1. Found U.S. Military items remain the property of the United States Government and the Department of Defense as official custodian.
    2. Found military items should not be retained by the finder who is seeking, for whatever reason, to make personal contact with the GI who lost the item, or a member of the GI's family, or seeking to trade the dogtags for US citizenship. By law, found military items must be mailed immediately to:
    Secretary of Defense
    Room 3E880
    The Pentagon
    Washington DC 20301
    3. The Dept of Defense has many resources at its disposal to return and/or preserve lost U.S. military items.
    4. When sending items to the Secretary of Defense the finder should include a letter describing the place and circumstances in which the item was found, and the finder’s personal contact information for Department of Defense investigators:
    Found dogtags must be mailed to the Department of Defense or the nearest United States Embassy.
  9. Obviously no room for a romantic ending to this particular tale. Let us know how you get on anyway.
  10. Yeah, but thet're not going to go chasing after people that finds dog tags overseas.
  11. You would be surprised...if Lambert turns out to be MIA then they usually will move heaven and earth.

    A relative of my wife found a USAAC(or possibly F) aircraft wreck off the west coast of Ireland in the 50s. GR investigators came all to way to Ballina or some such to interview him...mind you he was a second cousin of Omar Bradley!
  12. He isn't listed as a cold war MIA and it's likely a case of a guy that lost his dog tags while stationed in Panama. That was why I offered to send a request to the National Personnel Records Center.
  13. keep on at it to know the story to this,,,,an I bet me and a few others are surfin for stuff on it :)