Dogs Life

A dog walks into a grocer's shop with a basket in its mouth. In the basket is a shopping list and a purse. The grocer reads the shopping list and puts the items requested in the basket. He then takes some money from the purse and replaces the change in the purse. The dog then runs off home. This happens every week for several months. The grocer is really impressed by the dogs intelligence and its dedication to its task.
One day he decides to follow the dog home after it has visited his shop once more, as he would like to know if the owner would sell the dog. He sees the dog run upto the front door where it puts the basket down and jumps up and rings the doorbell with his nose. After a while an old woman comes to the door and starts beating the crap out the dog with her walking stick.
"Stop that at once." shouted the grocer to the old woman, "That is the most intelligent dog I have ever come across." "Intelligent my arse." Shouted the old lady,"That's the third time this month the little arsehole has forgotten his keys!"
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