Dogs in the mess.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ozduke, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Is it still allowed?

    It's not out here, the poor bugger's got to stay home alone all day!

    It's more Health & Safety pish apparently. I do remember some "Trip hazzard" signs around the offices in Catterick a few years ago, I just hope common sense has prevailed.
  2. Ahhhhh, Officers and their dogs. There is nothing better than coming back to your office after a meeting and finding that a Lab from 3 offices down and is allowed to roam uncontrolled has curled one off next to the PC terminal.
  3. A regular feature on every Mess meeting agenda where I am. The topic is usually proposed by a liver-out, and the discussion takes the form of suggestions from livers-out that because they bring their children into the Mess once a month dogs should be banned, in case a child is bitten. They have no evidence to back it up, and they are horrified when it is suggested that if children are properly supervised the chances of an unfortunate incident will be remote.

    I'd rather have dogs in the Mess than children any day.
  4. Dogs in the Mess? Do you mean the Ack Adj?
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I used have my dog in the mess. When Mrs Mysteron and I went off for a short break, the Living In members very kindly looked after him.

    In fact the poor dog had a terrible time. He was taken on Phys 3 times a day so was knackered and was given a nightly dish of beer or baileys with ice!!

    Was a threat to anyone? No - the Pads regularly came to the Mess for Sunday curry lunch and it was a mix of kindergarten mayhem and canine chaos in the Television Room and Garden. Was anyone hurt? No, not ever.

    Dogs are good for morale, the boys always gave Mutt Mysteron a pat and affection and they bring some life and light down the Sqn offices.

    So poke off kill joy w@nkers. I am surprised it wasn't an RAF mess where this nonsense stemmed from. Some pikey RAF wife in her fake D&G sunglasses gobbing offf about her right not to be near dogs and she was raped by one as a child and other such tosh.
  6. mysteron: Brilliant, couldn't agree more.
  8. The mess is your home and your room your own space. Dogs are affectionate and good for mess life & morale. One of our senior livers in was a divorcee and the wife got the kids and he kept the dog. It was part of mess life and there was never a shortage of chaps to look after it if he was on a landaway or downroute. I remember in the late 1980's we had about 5 mutts in the mess. It was great craic.
  9. My bold

    Fully agree. Brings back memories of a certain Maj: "Sweep, you bar steward. Do THAT again and you´re going to the fu**ing, errr sorry, bloody soap factory !

    Nice last paragraph Mysteron :D
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Quite right. I suppose you will all fully campaign for the lads to have the same rights?
  11. long time ago PMC comes up to my dad in the mess and says there has been a complaint made about having the dog at his feet (12 yr old lab, asleep)

    me Dad says 'ok not a problem wait one' and promptly walks out of the mess with said pooch in his wake.

    returns 10 mins later with the dog.

    But 'Oscar' now has a tie around his neck so as to conform with mess rules.

    all the blokes were in stitches (including the PMC) and the anti dog cat loving prat didnt say a word.

    or so my mum tells me!

  12. ok then im gone keep a dog in Single Soldier Accomodation, take him to work and into the cookhouse for my scoff.....Thats ok isnt it?? Why not then??
  13. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Nope. Why???

  14. RAF wives were banned from my Mess. They were noisy, badly trained and made a mess of the carpets.
  15. And that, sir, is why some offers lead and others are followed due to curiosity. :D